Kimberley grew up in the mystical witchy Westcountry in the UK and comes from a long line of deep seers, ‘knowers’ and healers.

When her Mum passed at a young age Kimberley had a powerful spiritual crisis/awakening that changed everything.

After many years of apprenticing with spiritual teachers and diving deep she went on to offer intuitive guidance and soul wisdom to thousands of awakening women all over the world. You can read more about Kimberley’s amazing journey on the ABOUT page.

Over the last 20 years she has also been a spiritual advisor and intuitive consultant to renowned Thought Leaders, Spiritual Teachers as well as famous actors, musicians and television personalities. Her style is warm, wise, down-to-earth, deep and insightful.

“Kimberley you are a real life Spirit Guide!”
– Evie Turner, NZ


I’d love to read for you!

OPTION 1: Twin Flame/Sacred Love Readings
You are a woman who understands that love and relationships are a path of spiritual growth, self-love and soul evolution, even if you are single! You would like insights, clarity, hope and guidance about your love life and/or Soulmate/Twin Flame journey.

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OPTION 2: General/Soul Path Readings
You are a woman with a sense of something deeper playing out in your life, your soul has been whispering to you but you have doubts and questions about where you are going in life. You’d love to understand who you really are, why you are really here and get unstuck. This is a deep reflection of your true self, rich with loving guidance, healing insights and practical tools.



Readings are by phone (UK only) or Skype/Zoom/FB voice call

 £88 GBP for 60 minutes

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GDPR NOTE: I do not record Readings or make notes (or store your personal data). However you are free to record your Reading. Most people just take a few notes.

What people are saying about Kimberley’s Readings

“Kimberley you are the real deal & shine brightly!”


“Kimberley, I am blown away by the depth, quality and care of your reading.  It is exactly the help and reflection that I need at the moment. Thank you so much”

– H.S. (Music Teacher, UK)

“I am so fortunate to have you to guide me & ground me! You are a real life ‘Spirit Guide’ making sense of and helping us to understand all that is there in our universe!” 

– Evie (Nutritionist, New Zealand)

“Kimberley, your words are like crystals, like homeopathic remedies, you are an angel, an angel who leads other angels home. You help us open our wings so we can fly.”

– A.A. (UK)

“I haven’t felt this good in ages. I would pay hundreds of pounds for this! Thank you so much!”

– D.Knight (UK)

“I just want to say a big thank you for everything you give me. I feel you are a teacher and healer of the highest order. I’m so grateful for this learning. Lots of love”

– Caroline (UK)

“Kimberley, your readings and sessions are amazing. Really amazing!” 

– P.Stanley (London)

“Dear Kimberley, thank you for my reading. I feel very supported when I am reading it, especially with all the practical suggestions which I can draw on as on-going support.”

– Tina (UK)

“You are a blessing to me, Kimberley! thank you so much for seeing me and encouraging the REAL me 🙂 much love & tears of joy/gratitude :)”

– I.J. (UK)

“You are just completely out of this world, amazing, loving, accurate!”

– S.L. (USA)

“Kimberley, you have such a gift for cutting through all the layers and residing within source. This done with very few words and even less rule. So profound and yet so simple…this truth…our truth. Thank you for this holy guidance and sacred way. You are gift”

– C.S. (Netherlands)

CONTACT KIMBERLEY to book your Reading!