I can always tell when life is growing me. People fall away, conflicts arise, I feel pushed and exhausted as I throw my toys out of the pram and resist the changes that I am being offered. All ones incidentally I have conveniently forgotten I asked for in the first place.

So, right now life is kicking me in the behind and requesting I change my underwear to my ‘big girl pants’!

For me this is where I dig deep and find that extra bit of strength, courage and energy to face my fears and do what feels difficult. What makes this easier than it sounds is that I can feel in my heart I am being given what I want, I am having prayers answered and cosmic orders processed.

This is the next step on my path.

I love films. I love watching them, analysing them, talking about them and writing about them and deep down I have secretly (or not so secretly) always wanted to make them.


UNIVERSE: “Message about film received loud and clear Kimberley. Prepare for take off. Over and out!”

ME: “Oh OK, fab, but wait, hang on a minute, wait until I feel better, wait until I’ve lost weight, wait until I know more about what I’m doing, wait until I am feeling more confident. Wait!”

UNIVERSE: “Too late. Buckle up buttercup and dig out those big girl pants. The mission is a go!”


So here I am stepping into the role of co-producer on my first major film project.

How did I find myself here?

Well it’s been a sort of synchronistic free fall to be honest…


First I felt an urge in my heart to finally start sharing some of my own personal and dramatic story of awakening with some of you lovely folk online.

Clients and friends have been asking me to for years. And so very tentatively and just one section at a time I started sharing my story with my private mailing list. The response was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

One of the wonderful emails I received was from a film producer asking if I’d be interested in turning my story into a film.

And so it began….


Kim's Clapper Board


A few months went by as I finished writing my story and my life turned upside down and set me in exactly the right place to be ready for this new path. Nothing progressed with the film but that felt OK. I checked in intuitively with my heart and with Source and everything felt on track as it was meant to be.

Then the producer got in touch again and we started to talk about who would write the script. I had known a very special lady for a few years, we actually met via Twitter and had collaborated professionally once before on something else. I really wanted her to write the script for the film.

And so for the last few weeks me and the producer have been working with the talented screenwriter Jenna Avery to figure out what a story inspired by own sudden awakening and spiritual crisis might look like….



A sneak preview of the film story…

Over the years in my work with awakening women, I’ve discovered many other people experiencing similar spiritual crises and sudden awakenings. Unfortunately, some of us who are waking up are being diagnosed and treated as being mentally ill, when in fact we are simply “cracking open” and waking up for the first time in our lives.

Inspired by my personal experiences and my work, our film is called ‘LUMINAL’.

It is a supernatural thriller about an up-and-coming psychiatric doctor who is plagued by terrifying and bizarre supernatural experiences after her mother’s death.

She starts to doubt her own sanity when she realises her symptoms mirror those of her own patients, one of whom has taken her own life in despair.

As she battles the forces of light and dark, within and without, her perfect life begins to fall apart, piece by piece. Pushed to the brink of madness herself, and facing commitment on her own psychiatric ward, she discovers that what she thought was a descent into hell has actually been a powerful journey of transformation and awakening.


  LUM FINAL DRAFT blog version


Join us. Follow the progress of our film.

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I’ll be in touch again soon with more.

Lots of love,

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