I’m birthing a book baby: labour pains of a spiritual memoir




OK, I admit it, even working on the final edit of my book is an emotional challenge.

Writing a deeply personal, reveal-all spiritual memoir about my awakening and spiritual crisis is NOT easy. I’m sooo looking forward to finally birthing this baby!! Thank you so much for all your support my lovelies. I hope my next books will be easier to write.

Here’s a bit of The Diary of an Awakening Woman – Kimberley Jones for you……

“I saw colours and energy around people and could read their thoughts and feelings with alarming accuracy. I realised that people think, a LOT! I saw the energy fields and webs running through inanimate objects and I felt the life force of animals, plants and trees. I felt so deeply moved by the immense love I sensed from nature.

“When I closed my eyes I saw out into the cosmos. My face would change into many faces when I looked in the mirror; and other people with intuitive awareness also saw my face change or become overlaid with other faces. I was freaked out by most of it but still had this sense that this was a spiritual process of some kind.

“Most of my visions and knowings were externally validated in some way and so it didn’t cross my mind that they weren’t real. If I hadn’t had my experiences validated I would have thought I was going mad.”


Thanks for reading. I’ll be sharing more later. For now I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d also be fascinated to hear if any of you have had similar experiences. I know psycho-spiritual transformation is becoming more common. It’s pretty scary sharing this stuff, even though I’ve been sharing snippets for over a year now, so thank you all for your love and encouragement. I’m doing this for YOU.

Lots of love,
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