What is Your Soul Purpose? Why Does it Matter?

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Why are you here? What are you here to do? How can you do work you love, make a difference in the world and earn a decent living?

Every day I receive at least one email from a gorgeous awakening woman looking for meaningful work and a fulfilling life.

They ask me: “Can you help me find my Soul Purpose?”

This is such a deep need within so many of us and it seems to be getting stronger.

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Are You an Everyday Lightworker?

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Are You a Lightworker?

If you know you are a being of energy and spirit having a human experience, if you know you are a creator in your own life, if you know your thoughts shape everything and that you are here to make a difference in this world……then my friend, you are a Lightworker.

If you are drawn to the healing arts, to personal and spiritual growth and the happiness and wholeness of others, if you feel a deep aching homesickness in your heart that is eased temporarily by gazing up at the stars….then beautiful soul, you are a Lightworker.

And if you know in your heart and soul that love and facing our fears with courage, standing up for goodness, transparency, collaboration and authenticity can change the world….then yes, you are a Lightworker.

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The Power of Being Alone

the journey inward


We sensitive, awakening women (and men) need a lot of quiet time, which let’s face it isn’t always easy to find in our busy modern world, especially if you have children.

This past Easter weekend I spent most of my time snuggled up in bed alone and resting and it was BLISS.

I’m an introvert so I’m in my element when I’m on my own. It goes against my nature to be at social events, on video, talking on radio shows, taking part in conferences, let alone doing workshops or public speaking! If it wasn’t my soul’s passionate calling to do the work I do I would run for the hills!

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Why it’s OK to charge for your gifts and why you need to

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This may not apply to you my friend but there are SO many people who think it’s wrong to charge a fee for doing work you love or for doing work that utilises your gifts and talents.

As an awakening woman, Lightworker, Intuitive, Healer, Therapist, Artist, Musician, Teacher or Writer…what do YOU feel about this? Have you had people give you a hard time for charging for what you do? Can you relate to the above poster? 

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What Colour is Thursday?

Hi my friend,

Did you get an answer?

What colour popped into your mind when you read the title of this blog?

Did you even get a colour? (If you did then do let me know in the comments box below this post)

Maybe you thought it was the oddest question.

If you smiled with recognition and got a colour right away, if you get other colours for other words, names, numbers and letters then you may have what is known as ‘Grapheme Synaesthesia’.

Yes it has a name! And no you are not losing your marbles after all.

And you are not alone.

Apparently around 1% of the population have senses that cross over in this way.

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My Wo-Manifesto


My work may look as if it’s largely about me but that isn’t the case.

What I do is for you and about YOU.

Yes I need to pay my bills but I’m not in this for the money honey.

So why am I in this?

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VIDEO: An Intuitive Colour Reading!

Hi there,

I was delighted to be invited onto the lovely Elizabeth Harper’s ‘Colourscopes’ show recently (see her beautiful work at

Here we are offering an Intuitive Colour Reading to our viewers (that includes you my friend).



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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet – Facing your fears and finding the freedom to be YOU



What keeps us from speaking our truth as awakening women?

What prevents us from being our TRUE feminine, intuitive selves in the world?

How can we transform those things that hold us back?

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Filling the Inner Void with LOVE

Today during a Lightworker Mentoring session with a beautiful client, I touched on how the best energetic/psychic protection is to be FULL to overflowing with love, with light and with something higher and deeper.


Because when we are depleted for whatever reason, and there are many reasons, we become like a vacuum sucking in other peoples’ energy and we become vulnerable to unhealthy influences.

At the extreme this depletion and disconnection from a higher force beyond ourselves can lead to or perpetuate destructive habits and addictions.

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