The day I jumped off the cliff


lady leaping


I was terrified. My gut was in knots. A friend had pushed me off the ledge and suggested I rent a room at a doctor-run complimentary clinic in town. But how could I? I knew my dream was to work for myself in some way that would heal and empower women but I wasn’t ready.

Or was I?
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Reclaiming ‘Kim’: A return to wholeness


brett and kim 2003 ish


Another deeply personal sharing….


I’ve been feeling irritated and restless about my work lately, frustrated and wanting to ‘push the river’ to get clear about the next steps in my ever-evolving soulful business.

After a lot of breathing and meditating I’ve realised old power that I gave away is now returning to me.

Bits of me are coming back.

When power starts to return it’s normal to get a bit angry. So it seems I’m right on track!

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12 Essentials in your emotional ‘1st AID KIT’ for tough times


emotional 1st aid kit 484 x 242 B


When the SHIFT hits the fan sometimes all we can do is run for cover and do our best to keep going.

We dig in, run on adrenaline, coffee or whatever else gets us through. We are in survival mode because our ‘fight, freeze or flight’ mechanism has really kicked in.

We need that mechanism, it’s helping us, but the adrenaline only lasts so long until the pain and exhaustion kicks in.

What if there are quick, easy and effective ways to really support yourself, mind, body and soul during tough times? Simple practices to help make those shift-hitting-the-fan times just that little bit easier?

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The Truth About Soulmates


truth about soulmates


What do you think about Soulmates?

Do you believe they are the happy ever after love mate from the romcoms?

Are you in a relationship right now with someone you feel is your Soulmate? Perhaps you’ve had a rude awakening about what Soulmates really are?

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Healing the disease to please


healing the disease to please


I’m a recovering people-pleaser. It’ll be something I need to stay aware of for the rest of my life. There isn’t a cure, I just need to manage it daily. It’s something I need to be conscious of every, single, day. Boundaries, assertiveness, self-care, selfhood, not hiding my light, saying no to others when I need to and saying a big juicy YES to myself. Without, apology.

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My THANK YOU Gift from Oprah



Back when I was 14 years old, a fascinating being entered my life, one who would change it for ever. That being was Miss Oprah Winfrey.

Every week for months I saved my pocket money, until one day I had enough money to go down to the local Co-op store and buy myself my very own TV. It had a 14 inch black and white screen (all I could afford) but to me it was a momentous day that I will never forget. For months I had gone into that store with Mum and peered up at the little TV on the top shelf that I hoped one day would be mine.

Why this mission? Why this dedicated pocket money saving?

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6 ENERGY TOOLS FOR EMPATHS – To shift emotional weight


emotional weight blog image


OK let me say right away this isn’t about what size you are or trying to make you feel you need to be slimmer. Gawd! There’s enough of that pressure on women around already. No this is about understanding why as Empaths our bodies can behave so strangely and how to let go of emotional weight that is affecting you in more important ways than the number on your clothing label!

We sensitives, intuitives and empaths have a tendency to carry emotional weight. Maybe it acts as a buffer against the energy of other people and places, maybe it’s because we comfort eat to ground ourselves again after getting overstimulated by said energies or perhaps there is an accumulation of energy in our bodies that isn’t ours.

Maybe it’s all of those things.

Can you relate? Does this ring true for you?

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How to create your Spiritual Support Kit


spiritual support kitb

None of us can do this alone. We all need a little help.

Life can get confusing. The path of remembering who we are can be frustrating. The shifts and changes can get emotional and challenging.

Sometimes we reach out to friends and family and sometimes we invest in ourselves and work with a healer or mentor.

But what happens when that isn’t always possible? What happens when we are sitting at home feeling paralysed by emotion, fatigue and confusion. Or, what if you are in that time between healing and mentoring sessions and you want to be able to take care of yourself and assert your spiritual self-reliance?

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EMPATH NEWSFLASH: Most people don’t know how YOU are feeling!



One of the biggest life shifts for me after my Mum died many years ago was the realisation that she and I had our own unique way of communicating with each other. It was empathic and at times telepathic. Most of our dialogue was non-verbal.

But now she was gone and it hit me like arriving on an alien planet how I hadn’t actually learned how to verbally communicate my feelings.

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“Good girls don’t get angry”…and why that leads to depression and illness in women



Since hurting my back I’ve had a lot of anger bubble to the surface and it has given me a chance once again to look at my relationship with this powerful energy in motion (e-motion) and ask you what you feel about it.

As an ‘energy intuitive’ I see and sense anger as a dark red energy that is sourced in helplessness and suppressed power. Anger is just how it expresses when we act it out or project it.

As a sensation in the body it can be experienced quite simply as heat, tension and agitation.

The thing is, it’s just old energy getting stirred up from the ‘pain body’ like sediment at the bottom of a fish tank getting swirled up. And any opportunity to release/transmute some of our pain body is a blessing.

So why oh why is anger such a touchy subject, especially for women?

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