6 EMPATH ENERGY TOOLS: Reclaim your power and feel like you again


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When we are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive or are navigating the inner shifts of awakening, we can become very impressionable and easily lose ourselves.

Other people and their opinions and realities can draw us in, causing us to drift away from our own truth. Social media can fill our energy fields with multiple viewpoints and energy deposits every day. Plus we tend to be more open to other realms and spirits and the collective experience and so can forget who we are.

This isn’t because we are weak souls, not by any means, our sensitivity is our strength, however, as Empaths we take on the thoughts and feelings of others every day and they can cloud our own reality and make us scattered, fragmented and ungrounded.

This can cause us to lose our energy and power without even knowing it’s happening.

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My Trip to Hay House!




Being someone who has always read mind/body/spirit books like they are going out of fashion, of course I’d heard of Hay House. I’ve also always admired the fact that Louise Hay started her own publishing house when she couldn’t find anyone to publish her book.

Some people call self-publishing ‘vanity publishing’ but I see it as being creative when you really believe in your message and are determined to help and inspire your tribe. With all the changes going on in traditional publishing it is also fast becoming the only option for many aspiring authors.

From my very first ‘vision board’ about 15 years ago Hay House were always on it. It wasn’t that I had a desperate desire to write a book and have it published by them, it was more that they represented for me the kind of open, courageous, authentic voice I longed to embody myself.

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3 Ways to boost your intuitive confidence


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Have you stopped trusting yourself when it comes to making the key choices in your life? Have you lost confidence or connection with your inner voice? Have you lost your ‘Intuitive Mojo?’

Whenever life gets loud and busy it’s easy to lose sight of our internal ‘sat nav’ system. The outside voices and demands drown out our quiet inner guidance.

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6 ENERGY TOOLS FOR EMPATHS – To shift emotional weight


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OK let me say right away this isn’t about what size you are or trying to make you feel you need to be slimmer. Gawd! There’s enough of that pressure on women around already. No this is about understanding why as Empaths our bodies can behave so strangely and how to let go of emotional weight that is affecting you in more important ways than the number on your clothing label!

We sensitives, intuitives and empaths have a tendency to carry emotional weight. Maybe it acts as a buffer against the energy of other people and places, maybe it’s because we comfort eat to ground ourselves again after getting overstimulated by said energies or perhaps there is an accumulation of energy in our bodies that isn’t ours.

Maybe it’s all of those things.

Can you relate? Does this ring true for you?

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Do you hide your psychic gifts?


do you hide your psychic gifts


Do you see colours around people?

Do you see sparks of light around people when they speak?

Have you seen spirits?

Do you know what people are thinking and feeling?

Have you had premonitions of the future?

Maybe you just know how to offer healing energies to people, animals and plants?

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How to create your Spiritual Support Kit


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None of us can do this alone. We all need a little help.

Life can get confusing. The path of remembering who we are can be frustrating. The shifts and changes can get emotional and challenging.

Sometimes we reach out to friends and family and sometimes we invest in ourselves and work with a healer or mentor.

But what happens when that isn’t always possible? What happens when we are sitting at home feeling paralysed by emotion, fatigue and confusion. Or, what if you are in that time between healing and mentoring sessions and you want to be able to take care of yourself and assert your spiritual self-reliance?

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When you feel so full of light and creative energy you think you’re gonna burst!


your breath is your safe place


Hi there my friend,

How are you?

I feel full to bursting at the moment, like a pregnant mamma at 9 months who is so over the bloated ankles and backache and excited to meet the new life that has been forming within her.

What I feel is another cycle of creative ‘pregnancy’. I go through this fairly regularly and am familiar with the process and celebrate it, but it can get uncomfortable at times as new creative downloads seek to embody and manifest through me in my life and work.

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What is a Lightworker? Are YOU a Lightworker?

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I wrote this blog post for one of my earlier blog sites and back when I was known as ‘The Lightworker’s Lightworker’. So why am I sharing this four year old blog post with you? Well, first of all because my intuition told me to. I am seeing nudges to re-engage with this area of my experience and expertise. Plus, this post is still the most viewed article I have ever written, people are still finding it, liking it and commenting on it.

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