WOMEN + WEALTH: Healing the Witch Wound


elemental child 3


There are many reasons why women hold themselves back from stepping into their full potential but as Venus goes into retrograde let’s look at one of the biggies.

As a woman starts to awaken and her consciousness expands she begins to tap into the collective experience and shared ‘pain body’ of woman.

Every month with our cycle we tap even deeper into that shared sisterhood experience.

As her passion and purpose begin to stir within her she faces the dark places that hold us all back.

One of which is the fear of what happens when an awakened woman decides to “put her head above the parapet” and dare to be seen.

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Does your job suck your soul?




I’ve heard from a huge number of you this past week who are at the end of your tether and have been sitting at work with your head in your hands thinking:

“I have really got to get out of here NOW. I can feel my soul withering. Enough is enough. But how? What about money? What will my partner or family think?”

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Self-worth, relationships and finances


getting our needs met


Difficult life events can gradually erode our self-confidence and self-worth, especially if our roots were already a bit on the weak side to begin with due to a tough childhood.

The recent full moon and lunar eclipse as well as some personal healing I am doing have all brought up issues for me around self-worth. In particular I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustration and pain around never truly learning that it was OK to have my needs met, even in the most basic ways as a child.

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Are YOU ready to create your Soulful Business?

pink kim soulful biz

A Soulful Business is unlike any other business. It is a revolutionary way of transforming your life and the lives of others. It is deeply fulfilling but it isn’t for the feint-hearted.

For me creating a business has been the most confronting spiritual process of my life, yes I did say ‘spiritual’. Business can be spiritual, it can be a love letter to life, because guess what, a Soulful Business isn’t all about money. A Soulful Business doesn’t try to manipulate or hard-sell people, it isn’t solely about profit margins and sales targets.

A Soulful Business is part of YOU and it is also a healing journey.

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11 reasons why you’re stuck, frustrated and broke


KJ Quote Aug 14 2013

Hi lovely lady, I have something to tell you…

You CAN make a difference and make a living just by being bravely, beautifully and boldy YOU.

However, here are 11 reasons why many women don’t:

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Could your career and purpose be two different things?


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I’ve had a question from Mary in Nebraska.

Mary asks: Is your life purpose necessarily your career or job? Could they be two different things?

Great question Mary, thank you.

It’s totally OK to express your soul purpose through a hobby.

However, if you are awakening to a call deep within you to express your soul purpose in some way, then over time it can become more apparent that you no longer wish to waste time and energy on an unfulfilling job you don’t enjoy.

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Why it’s OK to charge for your gifts and why you need to

Hiring me copy


This may not apply to you my friend but there are SO many people who think it’s wrong to charge a fee for doing work you love or for doing work that utilises your gifts and talents.

As an awakening woman, Lightworker, Intuitive, Healer, Therapist, Artist, Musician, Teacher or Writer…what do YOU feel about this? Have you had people give you a hard time for charging for what you do? Can you relate to the above poster? 

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