It’s taken me 40 years to realise what was right under my pig-headed Taurean nose! I grew up watching my Grand-Nan coach my Mum in reading Tarot and Tea Leaves. 

I was 5 when I brewed my first Witches ‘brew’ for my Mum’s Tea Leaf Readings, and her Tarot cards were regularly all over the dinner table!

I resisted the cards myself. Oh I made a right meal of resisting them! Even when I reached the heady heights of an Intuitive and Spiritual Guide to awakening women all over the world, I resisted Tarot. Even though I knew the cards so well I resisted. Even though it’s in my ancient bloodline I resisted!! I have to say that I can only see this in hindsight. I didn’t know at the time! 

Q: Why do I think I resisted?

A: The Witch Wound!

Mum was terrified of her own gifts. She’d been ridiculed and beaten for them in this lifetime and no doubt persecuted and/or executed in previous ones. She handed the fear onto me and strongly discouraged me. 

Well, no more. I surrender! 

I whole-heartedly surrender. (My brother presenting me with our late Mum’s original cards confirmed it!).

And of course the moment you do let go the floodgates open and magic happens. Everything comes together. Doors open. Ideas and intuition flows. And new beginnings await…

Transformational Tarot for Awakening Women – Readings available from today!


[MEDITATION] PAUSE FOR PEACE – Peace worldwide starts from inside


peace worldwide starts from inside


UPDATE 22nd March 2016: Thinking of those in Turkey and Brussels affected by more recent attacks.

The recent events in Paris have shaken the world. The sad fact is that awful attacks such as this are happening all over the world and are not always reported. There were 21 terrorist attacks in November 2015 alone.

My heart aches. As an Empath, Clairsentient, HSP, INFP etc I feel these things so deeply, as I know many of you do. It’s OK to feel our own sadness and rage about such events but try not to take on the pain of others my friends. Look after yourselves. Breathe. Take salt baths. Burn incense. Cry and rage. Hug a loved one and breathe again.

We are not helpless. We can make a difference. Sure there are charities we can support like the Red Cross or peace organisations we can be part of. Physical action is needed. However, for those of us who are intuitive, who are Earth Angels, Lightworkers, healers, creatives and change-agents, we know there is also another way to create transformation.

And that is to embrace our feminine power (in men and women) and to access our ability to create change from the INSIDE-OUT.


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PODCAST: Gently Moving Forward – From clutter to clarity



Kim and Kat banner March 2014

Join me in this new episode of the ‘Shift and Shine’ podcast as I chat with the lovely Kathleen Nelson Troyer, consultant, coach and mentor.

Together we laugh, share and discuss the many gifts we receive when gently moving forward in our lives, how to love ourselves and how the simple act of de-cluttering a closet can create clarity and flow in mind, body and spirit.

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FREE VIRTUAL RETREAT for awakening women! Our month of moving and meditating together


Kim moving and meditating MARCH VIRTUAL RETREAT

Hi friends,

I am thrilled that so many of you are joining me this month for a FREE virtual retreat!

Awakening women are gathering on my Facebook Page to join together and take part in my new FREE ‘Movement and Meditation’ virtual retreat, it’s taking place every day all through March

If you aren’t in yet, here’s how you can join us….

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FILM NEWS: It’s time for my big girl pants!



I can always tell when life is growing me. People fall away, conflicts arise, I feel pushed and exhausted as I throw my toys out of the pram and resist the changes that I am being offered. All ones incidentally I have conveniently forgotten I asked for in the first place.

So, right now life is kicking me in the behind and requesting I change my underwear to my ‘big girl pants’!

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RADIO SHOW: It’s OK to be YOU!

I was honoured to be invited onto Ellen Dionisio’s ‘Flourish Online’ radio show recently.

Join us as I share the secrets of my own awakening and the behind-the-scenes scoop on how I ended up doing the work I do today empowering awakening women.

Hear how I chose authenticity over status and how a life crisis shifted me into the truthful core of my own soulful and purposeful business.

Find out how you can move past the ‘disease to please’ and step into your authentic self.

Discover what awakening women are longing for most right now in their lives and how I help them.

Learn energy skills to help you to refocus quickly and stay centered in your purposeful work when daily life throws you a curved ball.

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What Colour is Thursday?

Hi my friend,

Did you get an answer?

What colour popped into your mind when you read the title of this blog?

Did you even get a colour? (If you did then do let me know in the comments box below this post)

Maybe you thought it was the oddest question.

If you smiled with recognition and got a colour right away, if you get other colours for other words, names, numbers and letters then you may have what is known as ‘Grapheme Synaesthesia’.

Yes it has a name! And no you are not losing your marbles after all.

And you are not alone.

Apparently around 1% of the population have senses that cross over in this way.

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