You can’t trust your intuition when your pain and emotions are triggered. 

So what can you do?

First, forget about understanding ‘why’ you are having certain emotions, that can come later as an added bonus. 

The way to really heal is to let the energy, emotions and feelings fully arise and flow in the moment, without avoidance, so we can clear and transform the active energy that is presenting as an emotion. 

Yes, once it’s triggered you need to honour it, not suppress it or bypass it. It’s there, it’s active, it wants your loving attention. 

However, this isn’t about wallowing as a victim. This is self-love and energy mastery. 

Feeling, allowing and witnessing what is arising within you, without assigning judgement, that is the goal, rather than trying to understand at the mental level. 

I know understanding the feelings makes us feel better but that is only a quick fix for the ego, rather than a true shift. 

SO. What do you do when the feels are full on?

Feel, notice how you feel inside your body, where are the emotions happening in your body? Breathe there. Stroke yourself there. Love yourself there. 

What else? 

Dance, rage, walk, cry, massage, run, shout, bathe. 

Then meditate and journal to seek understanding if you still need it. 

THEN take time to speak affirmations, mantras and self-soothing words out loud that REPLACE the emotions and energy that just shifted.

For example:






Let me know how it goes.


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It’s taken me 40 years to realise what was right under my pig-headed Taurean nose! I grew up watching my Grand-Nan coach my Mum in reading Tarot and Tea Leaves. 

I was 5 when I brewed my first Witches ‘brew’ for my Mum’s Tea Leaf Readings, and her Tarot cards were regularly all over the dinner table!

I resisted the cards myself. Oh I made a right meal of resisting them! Even when I reached the heady heights of an Intuitive and Spiritual Guide to awakening women all over the world, I resisted Tarot. Even though I knew the cards so well I resisted. Even though it’s in my ancient bloodline I resisted!! I have to say that I can only see this in hindsight. I didn’t know at the time! 

Q: Why do I think I resisted?

A: The Witch Wound!

Mum was terrified of her own gifts. She’d been ridiculed and beaten for them in this lifetime and no doubt persecuted and/or executed in previous ones. She handed the fear onto me and strongly discouraged me. 

Well, no more. I surrender! 

I whole-heartedly surrender. (My brother presenting me with our late Mum’s original cards confirmed it!).

And of course the moment you do let go the floodgates open and magic happens. Everything comes together. Doors open. Ideas and intuition flows. And new beginnings await…

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