VIDEO: ‘SOUL WHISPERS 2.0’ – For Lightworkers and Awakening Women

Hi friends,
My eBook Soul Whispers has had an update and upgrade. So I have created a new inspirational video to celebrate!
You can get your free copy of my Soul Whispers eBook when you sign up at the top right hand corner of this website.


Lots of love,
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My Wo-Manifesto


My work may look as if it’s largely about me but that isn’t the case.

What I do is for you and about YOU.

Yes I need to pay my bills but I’m not in this for the money honey.

So why am I in this?

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VIDEO: An Intuitive Colour Reading!

Hi there,

I was delighted to be invited onto the lovely Elizabeth Harper’s ‘Colourscopes’ show recently (see her beautiful work at

Here we are offering an Intuitive Colour Reading to our viewers (that includes you my friend).



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Filling the Inner Void with LOVE

Today during a Lightworker Mentoring session with a beautiful client, I touched on how the best energetic/psychic protection is to be FULL to overflowing with love, with light and with something higher and deeper.


Because when we are depleted for whatever reason, and there are many reasons, we become like a vacuum sucking in other peoples’ energy and we become vulnerable to unhealthy influences.

At the extreme this depletion and disconnection from a higher force beyond ourselves can lead to or perpetuate destructive habits and addictions.

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