You get to a certain age where your wounds and wisdom outweigh the perky girlish wannabe try-hard charm.

You have lost more than you have.

You may have even let go of the ambition and the need to please.

You are stronger in the broken places. No more effs given!!
HOWEVER you may not see the ✨GOLD✨ in this midlife phase of life.

Feeling burnt out, not good enough. Unattractive.

You may have succumbed to ‘comparisonitis’.

Not realising you are stronger in the broken places.

Not realising you are a Sage in training, a Witch awaiting her Wisdom Wand, a Maven graduating to Mastery/Misstry.

Midlife is when we look back wondering if we failed.

For women it isn’t fast cars and toy boys (not usually anyway), it can be a silent, simmering sadness and hopelessness, wondering if Life is over, a blindness to our deeper beauty and the wisdom woven into our wounds.

It can be a wondering if we’ll ever truly be happy or ‘find ourselves’.
With a little help you can see you are unravelling, awakening, transforming and becoming.

Becoming all you were always meant to be and instead of the try-hard, accumulation years of youth it is about shedding, surrendering, humility, fierce wisdom and boldly being and loving all that you truly are.

I’m right there with you my lovelies!

K x

What is your Soul Purpose?




“What’s my Soul Purpose?”

It’s the question I’ve heard most often these past 17 years. We all want a clear answer, a job description, something the ego can grab hold of and run with, something the mind can make sense of.

Your Soul Purpose or path cannot be summed up in a clever 3 step process or ‘elevator pitch’. That’s the ego needing certainties. Soul doesn’t deal in certainties.

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My Conscious Birthday Ritual

Kim rose birthday 2015


As I approach my birthday on Tuesday and complete another turn around the sun, I have been inspired to reflect on the fact that I have become perhaps too good at surviving and battling through the countless tough times and navigating loss. I’ve earned my stripes many times over.

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Messy is Beautiful – Letting go of perfect


messy is beautiful 2


There seems to be a myth floating around in the spiritual world that one day when you’re awake and enlightened everything will be perfect and heavenly, you won’t feel any pain or ‘negative’ emotions and everything will be love and sparkles. At that point you can become a guru talking only about love and light and everyone can look up to you.

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Celebrating My 1 Year Deathiversary

letting go of the old


Exactly one year ago today my life as I knew it fell to pieces…..again.

Major death/rebirths have been a feature of my life so far, they are unwanted companions who loom in dark corners threatening to destroy everything but swear to me they have my best interests at heart.

And so again they came and tore my life up from the roots.

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When loved ones take your growth personally



Sometimes your growth threatens another’s ability to stay stuck. That’s why they may lash out, create a drama, project onto you or reject you. Try not to take this personally. Keep going and keep growing, they are on their own path.

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A love letter to awakening women

feminine power


You are a strong and beautiful woman who is far more powerful than you know.

I know, when life gets rough this may be the last thing you believe. But I’m telling you, no matter what the media tells you, no matter what a difficult past tells you, no matter what your own insecurities tell you, you are good enough exactly as you are right now.

Many of you are facing profound inner changes, dark nights of the soul, relationship challenges, life shifts and crises of confidence.

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Why your ‘mess’ is the key to your magnificence

KJ Quote May 28 2013


We are awakening as a species to a more authentic and feminine way of living, loving and working, one that has value for both men and women.

Instead of striving for perfection based on an external standard projected onto us by others, our soul is calling us to now let go of any self-judgement, to relax and just be ourselves.

When we feel that freedom to be ourselves with nothing to hide or be ashamed of we are liberated and our power and creativity is liberated. We can then reach our unique potential as women because we are no longer hiding or trying to fit in.

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The Power of Being Alone

the journey inward


We sensitive, awakening women (and men) need a lot of quiet time, which let’s face it isn’t always easy to find in our busy modern world, especially if you have children.

This past Easter weekend I spent most of my time snuggled up in bed alone and resting and it was BLISS.

I’m an introvert so I’m in my element when I’m on my own. It goes against my nature to be at social events, on video, talking on radio shows, taking part in conferences, let alone doing workshops or public speaking! If it wasn’t my soul’s passionate calling to do the work I do I would run for the hills!

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My Wo-Manifesto


My work may look as if it’s largely about me but that isn’t the case.

What I do is for you and about YOU.

Yes I need to pay my bills but I’m not in this for the money honey.

So why am I in this?

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