Why it’s OK to charge for your gifts and why you need to

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This may not apply to you my friend but there are SO many people who think it’s wrong to charge a fee for doing work you love or for doing work that utilises your gifts and talents.

As an awakening woman, Lightworker, Intuitive, Healer, Therapist, Artist, Musician, Teacher or Writer…what do YOU feel about this? Have you had people give you a hard time for charging for what you do? Can you relate to the above poster? 

I love what I do so much that I would do it for nothing if I could.

However, that just isn’t the world we live in right now and as we step up into our purpose to serve the world we need to keep our practical head on and keep our feet planted firmly on the ground.

If we don’t then what happened to me may happen to you.

For years I let myself get pulled into that out-dated belief that it is wrong to ask for a financial exchange for the work I do.

I allowed myself to be ‘guilt-tripped’ and sucked into the martyrdom paradigm of giving selflessly and suffering to be noble and boy did I suffer.

At one point I ended up homeless. I burnt out and got ill.

I couldn’t do anything for anyone in that state.



Personally I believe there is nothing wrong with all of us charging for our time, energy, years of development and training and our gifts.

Perhaps that is something you will need to face for yourself at some point in your own journey?

Most people committed to living a life of purpose have to face that dilemma at some stage and decide for themselves what feels authentic and in line with their personal integrity.

Plus if you decide to give your life over in service of others you will have to work out how to feed your children and pay your bills.

And if you are running a spiritual, mission-led business in service of others you will know that this is one of the most challenging and confronting paths you could have signed up for that requires transformation in every area of your life both inside and out. It certainly isn’t the easy route.


We pay for nature’s gifts all the time. We pay for music, art, craftwork, fruit, vegetables, water, land……..money is not evil. It’s how people have used it that has been wrong.

Money is simply bits of paper and lumps of metal that we use as our means of value and exchange in this dimension and when we hand it to someone we are saying “I value what you have given me. I value you and all you’ve put into giving me this product or service”.

You are demonstrating appreciation for a fellow human being and all you have received.

If you give and give and give freely whilst with no thought for self-care, then pretty soon you will be unwell and have no home. I learned this the hard way.

That was my lesson.


Something people don’t realise is that Mother Theresa was a multi-millionairess. She looked after herself and then gave the rest to others.

Money isn’t bad. Charging money isn’t bad. It’s how you earn it and what you do with it that matters.

I completely understand that for generations we have seen people abuse power and do unethical things for money. But we must remember it is the people at fault, not money itself. If we can distinguish between the two then we can evolve beyond the past and create a new paradigm around abundance celebrated for all.


You know what I feel really needs looking at?

Staying stuck in a job you hate, to pay for a home and stuff you can’t afford and don’t really want just to fit into the expectations of others, all the whilst hiding the gifts you were born to share with the world.

It’s tragic. It isn’t noble to suffer. And we always have a choice. I’ve been there so I don’t say that easily or flippantly.


You are good enough. You are worthy.

Value yourself and your gifts.

Share them and charge what they are worth.

Meditate and tune into your heart to come up with prices that feel right.

Personally I use the Remembrance Process from Heart of Business but follow your own heart and our own way of staying true to your own integrity.


I appreciate that the concept of integrity in business may be a new one but things are changing and they will continue to change if we can let go of old out-dated and limiting beliefs around money and self-worth.

There is plenty to go around.

When the tide rises all boats float.

Bye for now.

Lots of love,

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7 thoughts on “Why it’s OK to charge for your gifts and why you need to”

  1. Hey Kim!
    So if these people say it’s wrong for you to charge then I guess they don’t go to church or synagogue or any other place of worship as the ministers, priests and rabbis all get paid as well. Also, an offering basket is often passed around during the service so I guess these people don’t agree with that either. My father told me when I was a child “Nothing in life is free. With everything comes a cost”. I really wouldn’t pay any mind to those who condemn you for charging for your services. You have a gift like music artists have a gift, writers, actors and the like. They charge for their “services” as well. We go to concerts, buy books and buy movie tickets. Sending you love and light, Kim. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Kimberly. First I just want to say that what you do is a JOB and you have to always keep in mind that if you were doing this and a regulary every day job there just would never be enough time. Having said that I just wanted to share with you what my experience has been. I am a customer and not a practicioner so my thoughte are coming from a different angle. Because of my personal financial condition I could never pay for a service and it always makes ME feel guilty that I cannot help support such awesome and much needed talent. I have steuggled with this my whle adult life. So just know that even though there are some of us you love what you do we cant afforf these types of things but that does NOT mean that we do not appreciate you and all you do. Much love to you and don’t waste any more time or energy on this. Anyone who does not understand, well, that is their path not yours. 🙂

  3. Hi Kimberly! This is something I still struggle with sometimes, myself. I do carry a sense of guilt charging for Reiki as I believe it’s in everyone and anyone can access this loving, healing energy. But yes, I agree that much goes into studying and learning and growing as a healer, and I think that realizing there should be no guilt as long as you come from your heart is one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever worked on. It does bother me to see healers charging SO much money, but I do agree that a reasonable fee in exchange for our time and energy is a great thing and allows us to make a living doing what we love and giving back to the world and universe. I have learned as long as I come from my heart center, the guilt fades away because I know I am not charging to rip people off, take advantage or belittle the act of healing…instead I do it because I truly LOVE helping others, I love being a part of this healing energy and all the good it does for the world, and it truly is my bliss. I’m learning to trust and follow my bliss and I am glad you have done the same. Much love and light to you!

  4. If you don’t charge for your gifts you would be bombarded by so many requests that you would become so drained you wouldn’t be able to function. It’s how you know those who need answers or guidance are sincere.

  5. I used to struggle with this concept for decades. I once was taken for my life savings by a psychic/healer (while they were only a little more than $1,000, it was a lot for me). I also was homeless twice, and for most of my second pregnancy. I still believe that not eating then contributed to my health problems now that leave me unable to work out of the home. I qualified for food stamps and welfare, but did not use it because of how people judge those who do.

    However, I’ve come to realize that doctors, lawyers, and many people who work earn money by providing a service they consider themselves good at. So, how can charging for these gifts. be wrong? I also believe it’s the intent behind it.

    I understand the rat race all too well. I did jobs for years that I hated, but because I needed to do it for my family. Now, I don’t even make one third of what I used to, and in lots of ways work harder for it as I have to overcome health obstacles (I am a writer and have an undiagnosed illness). That means no health insurance, no benefits, and low pay because others think it’s really easy to just sit behind a computer and type a few words. Yet, in a strange way my life is better than before.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiring others.

  6. Everyone has their own insights and values so I think you must do as you are guided. For myself, I feel that if I have a gift or knowledge, I truly do not “own” it…it belongs to the universe and I have been given access to it for better or worse. I could not charge for something that is not mine…like Edgar Cayce, I believe all is given for the betterment of the world. Money is something we must get beyond in our mind, but it has kept the human race in chains for so long it will be a difficult “shift” . I believe in the end it is a shift that will come and must come if our species is to survive in the long run. Your soul will benefit from all that is done freely and openly so you can build your treasure in the physical world or the spiritual..or both if you believe that is possible and are so guided….

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