Do you know how COURAGEOUS you are?




“Do you know how courageous you are?”

I was moved to tears the other day when my dear friend Charo Pinilla of ‘Tapping Your Purpose said those words to me.

All I could do was gulp and say “thank you”.


In those words she was acknowledging how hard it must have been all these years (about 16 so far) to walk my path alone, without people who really understand, to keep trusting, to get up each morning knowing that I had been through something extraordinary, a spiritual crisis and awakening that was off the charts and that it wasn’t respected or recognised in my culture.


She was acknowledging how hard it is to live in a world knowing that who you are, what you have experienced and what you believe gets sneered at or even worse could get me locked up for being a crazy person if I say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Believe it or not there are places on this planet where it is illegal to sing or play music. Imagine being a child born into that community a gifted musician passionate about music. How must that feel?


That is how it can feel to be an intuitive, sensitive, psychic or someone who has experienced profound visions, wisdom and awakening in a culture that pathologises those things as symptoms of mental illness. Thank God/Goddess that is now starting to change (see my post ‘Falling Apart is Normal‘)


As I have reflected on these words spoken to me by my dear friend for the past couple of days, I have realised how important it is for all of us to hear these words from time to time.


And so…


You don’t have to change the world to be considered courageous.

Just getting up every morning and trying again, in a world that does not understand or validate you. That takes mighty courage.

To speak your truth even when people roll their eyes and you can feel their judgement and mockery. That takes mighty courage.

To share your unusual spiritual experiences even though you feel the ancient fear pulling you silent. That takes mighty courage.

Choosing to be born at this time. That makes you a warrior my friend.

I am deeply honoured to be here with you on this planet at this time in our evolution.



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Can you relate to what I have shared my friend? Please leave your comments below. I love to hear from you.




5 thoughts on “Do you know how COURAGEOUS you are?”

  1. Thank You. This post is a wonderful reminder of Why I So appreciate and am so glad I was attracted to your site. As always it is nice to be reminded I am not alone, though silence still seems the best path for the most part for now…

  2. That one was just lovely Kimberley. It really resonates with me. I have been described by many who ‘love’ me as being from another planet, they just don’t get it yet, but they will, I can feel it growing everywhere. Then who will be from another planet eh. Ha ha. Keep up the good work Kimberley, I love reading your weekly messages. It has helped to keep us all sane I am sure. Much Love and Light Esther

  3. I have been very conscious in my postings on Facebook about my life, sharing anything from everyday concerns to spiritual thoughts and experiences. For me, it is an exercise in creative biographical writing. It is interesting how difficult it is to word the deep spiritual experiences in such a way that they don’t sound nuts. Especially in Denmark where one must never go overboard with anything, and if one is expressing a strong feeling, one must dial it down or sound ironic about it or be declared holy, a very negative word in this country…I am also amazed that I continue to be worried about how I express things outside every day mundane occurrences. Some of it is a willingness to connect on other people’s premises before lifting things up to another level. Some of it seems to be due to an awareness that people don’t really want to know one that well. ( Like the well used phrase: “Too much information!”) And if that is so, it is also true that only a few chosen ones should be allowed into that space where the most precious and holy moments occur, as they will have the wisdom not to trample the space to bits. I have found that creating that kind of mutual trust is a long journey of slow or careful testing and removing of boundaries, with lots of patience on my part, as I know long before they do where this friendship or karmic connection is going or is supposed to be. Imagine walking up to someone and embracing them at first sight saying: Here you are old friend! I have been waiting to meet you again and have an amazing life long friendship! But no, it is a careful waiting game in order to allow them the space and time to adjust and come along willingly. gosh, I sound like a stalker now! LOL. But that is the price you pay when you are aware of things that others are not.

  4. Dear Irena,
    Yes you are courageous! Thanks so much for sharing some of your experience. I am so glad you are now seeing how courageous you are to have survived your dark night and now be walking in the light.
    Much love to you,
    K ♥

  5. Kimberley, your post sent shivers down my spine. Especially as it was spurred on by Charo’s comment.
    Do I know how courageous I am?
    Starting to see it.
    Appreciate it.
    And love it. Love myself.
    Thank you!
    Irena Ellis who has just weaned herself off heavy-duty anitpsychotics after 10 years of a journey starting with a suicide attempt she would not exchange for anything. So grateful having been able to walk this, being protected and lead towards light.

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