As an awakening woman your system becomes more sensitive and responsive to the interconnected web of nature. Everything from world events to a full moon can affect how you feel. The more conscious you are the more aware you become of these influences.

So what exactly is going on right now to affect how you feel?

Read on to find out.

Many of you will know about my ‘ENERGY WHISPERS’ posts on my facebook page. I hear from hundreds of you every week about how you go to my facebook page just to find out if there is some kind of celestial event taking place that might explain why you’ve been feeling how you do. Thanks for visiting by the way, it’s always so lovely to see you over there and I love chatting with you.

So in this post today I thought I’d sum up the main things that are going on right now that are sending waves through our energy fields and triggering all sorts of intense and amazing shifts within us.






The moon and it’s cycles affect women very powerfully.
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The moon and it’s cycles affect women very powerfully.

Our menstrual cycle is tied in to the moon cycles.

Fluid retention and our mood are tied into the moon cycles. Just as the magnetic forces of the moon cause high and low tides, shifting the distribution of the mighty oceans on this planet so too its shift the fluids in our bodies.

Our emotions are tied in with the element of water and so moon cycles also affect how we feel emotionally.

The recent new moon was very powerful and many of us have been experiencing detox symptoms of aches and pains and fatigue. I also recently heard that many of you, like me, have not been sleeping well. An intense full or new moon can affect our sleep patterns. Again, if you track how you feel in relation to the monthly moon cycles you will see how you tend to respond and can be prepared accordingly.

TOP TIP: I recommend you get yourself a gorgeous moon calendar for your wall and get a journal that includes moon phases so you can track your own rhythms in relationship to the moon cycles.

TOP TIP: I also recommend ‘womb work’ where you breath the energy of the full moon into your womb to awaken your power and potential as a woman. I’m a fan of the work of Miranda Gray and her monthly full moon womb blessing which is totally free to take part in. I always find my period is much more comfortable and even energising when I take part in the full moon blessing.






Every 11 years the sun’s polarity flips and it is happening right now.

Imagine the energy flow through a battery reversing itself and you get some idea. Now imagine the effect on the equipment being powered by that battery. It’s affected hugely by the flip, right? And so are you.

TOP TIP: One thing you can do to consciously work with this sun flip is to reflect and journal about what was happening in your life 11 years ago. I know it’s often impossible to remember but most of us can remember the broad strokes and themes. Have a think or ask your subconscious mind to remind you, then simply go about your day and allow the knowing to bubble up. Once you have a sense of your life events and themes of 11 years ago you will be able to consciously reflect on how those themes are coming up again to be dealt with differently this time.

TOP TIP: Also as with any intense solar activity (including solar flares) the best thing to do to stabilise its effects is to GROUND yourself by spending lots of time out in nature and consciously connecting with the earth beneath your feet. If it’s too cold to go barefoot then take some time to place your bare hands on the bark of a tree or to skim pebbles at the beach. As long as you are having skin-to-skin contact with natural elements you will be helping to discharge excess energy and ground yourself.

TOP TIP: As many of you will know from my Grounding Guide and Grounded and Calm Meditation, being grounded makes you feel calm and relaxed and is essential self-care for the awakening woman. Excess mental chatter and restlessness or anxiety indicate you are UNgrounded and need to do something about it to prevent burn out or illness.


  ECLIPSE By Dario Infini



The 17th October to 17th November 2013 is ‘eclipse season’.

Typically during an eclipse our inner forces or suppressed truths seek expression. The inner seeks the outer or the inner expresses in the outer. Life events that take place during an eclipse season happen as part of your soul orchestrating your growth and awakening.

TOP TIP: Whatever happens during an eclipse is a heightened growth opportunity so stay aware and willing to breathe and go with the flow. It may be intense at times but just keep breathing and remember to trust the process and that it is safe to let go and grow.






Mercury is in retrograde until November 10th.

TOP TIP: As it is the planet of communication it’s wise not to leap into any legal agreements or contracts of any kind if you can help it.

TOP TIP: Also be extra mindful of how you communicate with others and try not to take any miscommunications personally.

Many of us joke about Mercury retrograde meaning endless computer and communication problems and it certainly seems to be the case. Are we just creating that with our expectations? Maybe. That doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful to know what is going on.

TOP TIP: The planet Mercury is all about how we process information in our environment and other people, so when in retrograde this comes to the fore. It can be a great time for stepping back, reorganising, reflecting and reassessing your relationship with the world and how you express yourself.

NOTE: There are many other astrological factors that affect us daily. I’m no astrologer and so I follow the posts and videos of the wonderful Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis to keep me in the loop. I highly recommend you do too.





We are in the early stages of a new 26,000 year cosmic cycle around the great central sun where we come closer than ever to the great mother and energies that catalyse the transformation of human consciousness. All of life is shifting in frequency, awakening, emerging, subject to the same forces. Of course depending on individual soul paths and personal choices, people will experience this shift in very different ways.

For more about this great shift of ages we are all in check out my 8 part blog series ‘Understanding 2012’ that I published to coincide with the 2012 gateway in December last year. The material is as relevant as ever, if not more so, so I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Also do feel free to download my audio MP3 ‘2012 and Beyond’ for more powerful insights into our collective shift and the future of humanity.




Elizabeth Peru is a fellow energy intuitive who shares daily energy reports on facebook. You can also visit her website

Dana MrKich is another energy intuitive offering a perspective on our collective experience and awakening

Irma Kaye Sawyer offers amazing cosmic insights into our personal and planetary transformation on facebook and on her website


I hope this has helped you make some sense of why you are feeling the way you feel at the moment my friends?

Please remember, when it comes down it, all you need to do is breathe and feel what you are feeling.

It is very helpful to understand what is going on and to get a sense of the bigger picture but on a real life, everyday level all you need to do is love yourself as much as I love you and remember, you are not alone.

Because….we are awakening together.
Lots of love,

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