EMPATHS are the pioneers of peace


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One of my recent social media posts really resonated with a lot of you on Instagram and Facebook this week and I’d love to know what you think and feel about this topic.

I believe Empathy, wherever it sources from (born with it or it awakens through tough times) is the superpower that could create peace on earth. We cannot have wars and empathy at the same time. If we feel another’s pain we cannot harm them because it harms us. If Empaths can heal their own wounds they can access an immense compassion. Again, with compassion there can be no war.

Empathy is the answer. One of my first shamanic teachers used to be very insulting about Empathy, seeing it as a weakness. No wonder I moved on! To me Empathy is a strength and if channelled correctly is a blessing to this world.

Here is the post that went viral online. I’d love to hear what you think below.


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empath post instagram aug 2 2015




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Empaths post aug 2 2015



I can’t wait to hear what you think below!

Lots of love,
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3 thoughts on “EMPATHS are the pioneers of peace”

  1. I absolutely feel that being an empath is our gift to the world . The pain ,fear and anger stops with us because we understand and are able to transmute another’s energy through ourselves without carrying it , We have chosen to heal and take responsibility for ourselves . Thank you Kimberley for expressing so beautifully and clearly,.
    Lots of love
    Sarah X

  2. Yes, indeed. You speak so well to my experience Kimberley. I shared from your facebook post to my page because you said it for me, simple and straight forward. Thank you.

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