Leaping from the safety of a miserable job to the uncertainty of feminine flow and freedom



Every morning when I got up to go to a job I didn’t enjoy or to work for someone else, I had a gnawing feeling in my gut, I’m grateful to have worked in over 20 different businesses at various levels for 20 years before I made the leap to work for myself. I got loads of valuable experience and training, BUT it was a close call.


I hung on as long as possible out of fear but then the fear of a slow soul death grew stronger. I was blessed I was able to transition gradually. For some it needs to be one big leap.

Here I am now in my pink office space, guided daily by my intuition and body. It isn’t easy and it isn’t a ‘perfect’ life, far from it, and I have health issues that keep me grounded and humble, but I have creative freedom, peace and space to be in my feminine flow, whatever that looks like.

I don’t drive, push and force things out of fear or ego-driven desires anymore. If I do my body gives out to stop me. It’s a space of listening to the higher/deeper, a lot of allowing, occasional impatience (from those around me too!) and a huge dose of trust.


It isn’t for everyone. I get that. But it works for me right now. It’s true for me right now. Honouring that feminine space is scary sometimes, especially when the world runs on goals, achievements and physical certainties it can measure.


Hang in there sisters.

Be true to yourself.

Listen to that inner ache.

Follow your heart.

Be brave.

The world is slowly remembering how to honour the deep feminine.

You are part of that change.

I love you.


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