Filling the Inner Void with LOVE

Today during a Lightworker Mentoring session with a beautiful client, I touched on how the best energetic/psychic protection is to be FULL to overflowing with love, with light and with something higher and deeper.


Because when we are depleted for whatever reason, and there are many reasons, we become like a vacuum sucking in other peoples’ energy and we become vulnerable to unhealthy influences.

At the extreme this depletion and disconnection from a higher force beyond ourselves can lead to or perpetuate destructive habits and addictions.




Connecting to something daily that fills us up with love, hope and a sense of awe and wonder beyond the mundane causes us to radiate and emanate outwardly rather than suck inwards like a vacuum cleaner.

This dynamic is at the heart of why I do what I do. Depletion and disconnection is why people adopt unconscious power/energy games to get energy from each other, it is a huge part of why people feel ’empty’ and is one of the hugely overlooked dynamics within all relationships.

Managing our energy, loving ourselves, finding a way to access our radiant potential and to experience the infinite consciousness that we are, are all ways of coming fully alive to every day enlightened living.


Having talked about all this in today’s Lightworker Mentoring session I was excited to see that my friend (and my own wonderful intuitive coach) Terry Brightwater had posted the following video on Facebook featuring ‘conscious comedian’ Russell Brand. I loved it so much that I just had to share it with you all!

Here’s Russell, speaking far more eloquently about this topic than I can and using slightly different language, to journalist Jon Snow.




Lots of love,

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One thought on “Filling the Inner Void with LOVE”

  1. I saw this interview on channel 4 news, and loved it so much! I love listening to the way that Russell Brand expresses himself, funny and eloquent with a deep underlying love and wisdom. Great to see him supporting a valuable cause in such a positive way and hopefully it will lead to other high profile figures following his example.
    Amazing what they show on the news these days! Things are definitely changing – moving forward.

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