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Join me in this new episode of the ‘Shift and Shine’ podcast as I chat with the lovely Kathleen Nelson Troyer, consultant, coach and mentor.

Together we laugh, share and discuss the many gifts we receive when gently moving forward in our lives, how to love ourselves and how the simple act of de-cluttering a closet can create clarity and flow in mind, body and spirit.

Kathleen also spontaneously shares a profoundly beautiful and simple healing practice in this podcast episode so do join in and bathe in the wonderful energy.


Here’s the link to the exciting FREE CALL on March 21st 2014 that Kathleen mentions in the show:

‘Gently Moving Forward: From Clutter to Clarity’



REF: The book Kathleen recommends in the show is called ‘She’ by Robert A Johnson

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Lots of love,

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