HOT NEWS: I’m offering Email Readings again!


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Hi my friend,

I’m taking a break from in-depth mentoring programmes right now so I can devote more time to some creative projects I am nurturing for you. I am however offering my beautiful EMAIL READINGS for any awakening women, Lightworkers, sensitives and intuitives looking for a bit of heart-centered guidance on their path.


Here’s a little more info for you….

Email Readings are a intuitive blend of intuitive reading, spiritual mentoring and energy tools.

Whatever information and guidance is for your highest good and greatest joy is what I will share with you.

I open my heart, bring my life of experience as an energy intuitive, my training in various healing modalities, including Reiki (to Master level) all into the magical mix and share whatever my higher self and ‘light team’ want you to know.



Email Readings can help you… 

Help you to discover and align with your sacred soul purpose

To understand who you truly are at a deeper level

To embrace how beautiful and valuable you are

Feel reassured that you are on track in your life and path

Help you understand and shift the energy dynamics going on in a certain relationships or life situations

Help you understand how you might turn your purpose into a Soulful Business

Help shift stagnant energy and get unstuck

Help you step out of your ‘spiritual closet’ with empowering advice and intuitive support

Help you self heal and manage your own energy in easy and magical ways

Help you receive comfirmation and validation of messages you may not have consciously heard from your own intuition

Find comfort and support as you awaken to the radiant woman you truly are




Here is what some lovely people have said about my readings…


“Kimberley you are the real deal & shine brightly!”



“Kimberley, I am blown away by the depth, quality and care of your reading.  It is exactly the help and reflection that I need at the moment. Thank you so much”

– H.S. (Music Teacher, UK)


“I am so fortunate to have you to guide me & ground me! You are a real life ‘Spirit Guide’ making sense of and helping us to understand all that is there in our universe!” 

– Evie (Nutritionist, New Zealand)


“Kimberley, your words are like crystals, like homeopathic remedies, you are an angel, an angel who leads other angels home. You help us open our wings so we can fly.”

– A.A. (UK)


“I haven’t felt this good in ages. I would pay hundreds of pounds for this! Thank you so much!”

– D.Knight (UK)


“I just want to say a big thank you for everything you give me. I feel you are a teacher and healer of the highest order. I’m so grateful for this learning. Lots of love”

– Caroline (UK)


“Kimberley, your readings and sessions are amazing. Really amazing!” 

– P.Stanley (London)


“Dear Kimberley, thank you for my reading. I feel very supported when I am reading it, especially with all the practical suggestions which I can draw on as on-going support.”

– Tina (UK)


“You are a blessing to me, Kimberley! thank you so much for seeing me and encouraging the REAL me 🙂 much love & tears of joy/gratitude :)”

– I.J. (UK)


“You are just completely out of this world, amazing, loving, accurate!”

– S.L. (USA)


“Kimberley, you have such a gift for cutting through all the layers and residing within source. This done with very few words and even less rule. So profound and yet so simple…this truth…our truth. Thank you for this holy guidance and sacred way. You are gift”

– C.S. (Netherlands)

How to arrange your Email Reading

Simply contact me with the 1 main question or issue you would like me to help you with.

I will reply with my email guidance and insights including artwork intuitively selected for its supportive vibration unique to your issue at that moment.

You will also receive distant ‘healing’ and energetic blessings as part of this process.

Once you have received your email from me, take time to let it settle, read it again (you will see different things in it every time) then email me within 7 days if you have a quick follow-up question to help clarify anything I have shared (included in the price).

PRICE: £97

Payment made in advance via Paypal. I will send you an invoice once you have contacted me. Payment confirms your booking.

Contact me to arrange your Email Reading/Session

And as always if you are having financial difficulties and would really like an Email Reading, contact me and we can arrange a concession rate for you.  Don’t let money be the reason you don’t ask me for the help you really need. Please just contact me. I won’t mind. ♥


I look forward to helping you.

Lots of love,

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Kim June 2014 - Documentary shoot





Your private and personal information is protected at all times and held in the strictest confidence.

Payment is non-refundable. You as the client are responsible for your responses and reactions to these readings.  Kimberley Jones is not responsible for how you interpret or react to the Email Reading. Readings and Sessions are not intended as substitutes for professional medical, psychological or psychiatric help. These Readings and Sessions are not predicting your certain future, your life is your responsibility.


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