I love you guys, you are amazing!

You have sent me hundreds of wonderful testimonials over the years and here are some of them.

May the love you show me be returned to you all 100 fold!


VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: From Jennifer Cairns, Canada


“Have you all checked out Kimberley Jones’s work? She is an incredibly wise woman who has truly walked her path with such courage and integrity and has so much to teach us!”

– Dabney Alix


“Kimberley is very patient, loving, kind, supportive woman in the intuitive power, awakening of your soul and the gifts for your life. She is an inspirational writer, empathic soul with extraordinary gift in clear seeing/sensing of your true path in life. It has been a blessing working with Miss Kimberley. I was amazed at the accuracy of her statements in regards to the roots of my soul; an event which spontaneously led me on an interesting discovery- a journey to my soul. I am very excited as to where it may lead me next. I am extremely satisfied with Kimberley’s work and would recommend her to anyone who currently feels lost on their path in life.”

– Kristina, Belgrade, Serbia

magalie power testimonial pic

“Kimberley is the ultimate Sensababe! She holds a beautiful, loving, caring space for awakening women and has really stepped into her role as a lightworker and leader. I’ve had a couple of email readings from Kimberley and each one I’ve read over and over- and everytime I do, I get new insight. So much love and care go into her readings – right down to the fonts, colors and pictures she chooses. In her work, she deals with many ethereal things but is still very grounded and practical, making her a “modern day mystic” of sorts. If you’re having trouble finding your way, Kimberley’s light will surely guide you.”

– Maggie Power, USA, ‘The Purple Door’ /


“Kimberley is committed to her own awakening and the awakening of others. You are in safe and gentle hands with her.”

– Nick Williams,UK. Author of 8 books including ‘The Work We Were Born To Do’ and ‘The Business You Were Born To Create’



“Kimberley I appreciate you and the Light you are adding to the world.  Lots of Love. Keep shining your magnificent Light! God Bless You.”

– Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, USA, creator of


“Kimberley, I like the way you think and share your passion for helping others help themselves.:)”

– Mark McIntosh, The Comeback Coach, Speaker and Author of: “Lemons into Margaritas”

“I am intrigued to find such an evolved person in you and at such a young age.Your website is also remarkable in terms of its content”

– A. Banerjee

“You have to love this light filled face… and all she has to offer”

– Marlise Karlin

“Dear Kimberley, please know how appreciated and loved you are, and that Agents of Light like you are so, so important to me and so many others at this time of transition. May light & love be with you now and always and thank you for your emails and information. Love always.”

– Caroline Cato, UK

“You are an amazing, blessed light on this planet”

“Kimberley has been instrumental in helping me to step up and into the work that I am called to do.  I felt so deeply seen in the reading I received from her.  She was able to help me see who I am and helped me to see that I was ready to move forward on my soul’s path. She gave me great advice and concrete steps to help me move forward.  I have completely changed the work that I am doing in the world as a result of knowing Kimberley.  I highly recommend and endorse Kimberley and her work – she is a powerful catalyst for helping people align with their soul’s purpose.”

– Kathleen Nelson Troyer, Coach and creator of Gently Moving Forward

“Kimberley. What a Renaissance Creatrix you are!”

– Erika Harris,

“Kimberley, you are beautiful beyond measure, and your love and kind words are precious pearls that I gather and hold close to my heart…These are the gifts that withstand time and mortality, and I can’t thank you enough for being an earth angel!  The work that you’ve done and continue to tirelessly do, ensures the confidence in all of us that peace, beauty, faith, and hope for the survival of the planet and ascension, is actually possible!”

– Lisa Barash, USA

“You are so rocking awesome!”

– Lianne Bremer

“You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others. Such a warm, loving heart and it brings tears to my eyes just writing this because I felt so alone for so long! Thank you for all of your continued support :)”

– Nikki Hundley, USA

“When I needed a “real life Abraham” to ask questions to about how to deal with tough situations, Kimberley Jones was my answer. She healed an emotional pain within me that had been there for many many years, by seeing it on a spiritual level, seeing what was really going on in ways most of us can’t see. Her explanation of it had stopped the suffering. She also healed a relationship issue between my oldest child and me by using her mind to connect our spirits. Now we get along beautifully.”

– Gaynor Coller Suiter in conversation with Louise Hay

“I would like 2 say a massive thank u 2 u on behalf of all of us out there that have felt scared, alone & v confused in all this chaos. U have helped so many of us with ur good work. The bravery & courage u have shown 2 be ur authentic self so publicly despite the possible ridicule & backlash from those who r not yet awakened. U truly r an inspiration! Thank u Kimberley.” 

– Lyndsey, UK

“I would have loved to have known someone like you was there when I began awakening. Having support and understanding makes the transition easier. Thank goodness for you.”

– Sarah, UK

“Thank you Kimberley! I truly enjoyed working with you and learning (or is it re-learning?) how to stay with my emotions, to breathe through them and to accept myself in all ways 😉 and to re-acquaint myself with my Feminine energies that had been ignored for so long!!”

– Terry Bezner, California, USA

“Geez I relate to you on so many levels!…Thanks so much for sharing Kimberley, you are such a pioneer in so many ways, especially authentic sharing.”

– Paula Firtl, Australia

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