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There seems to be a myth floating around in the spiritual world that one day when you’re awake and enlightened everything will be perfect and heavenly, you won’t feel any pain or ‘negative’ emotions and everything will be love and sparkles. At that point you can become a guru talking only about love and light and everyone can look up to you.

Equally there seems to be a judgement that if you are reeling from a life challenge or experiencing ill health then you must be getting your spirituality wrong, are out of the ‘vortex’, your energy isn’t ‘aligned’ and clear and you’re using the wrong tools, disconnected from Source or far from God.

How do these views feel to you?

Do they feel loving?

Do they feel true?

Do they make you feel safe to be you?

Do they make you feel accepted and able to be real and vulnerable?

Or do they feel like judgements?

Fearful projections?

Avoidance and suppression of humanity in favour of a spiritual ideal?

Waking up doesn’t mean you stop breaking down. In fact it’s a key part of the process.

The shittiness of the shift is the juice, the reality, the humanity and humility that shows others it’s OK to feel and be real.




When I talk about shining your light I’m not talking about being a sanitised, one dimensional version of yourself, a perfect guru on a stage with no problems.

When I invite people to ‘shift and shine’ I am talking about coming out of that spiritual closet that hides the truth of who you are and how you feel and showing yourself. ALL of yourself, warts and all. It is an invitation to join me in being brave and vulnerable, messy and magnificent, telling your truth.

When you let go of the holding and hiding, on that wave of authenticity will flow your creative power and freedom.

You cannot shine your light if you bury parts of you you are afraid to show.

You cannot shine if you paper over the cracks and hope nobody will notice.

Awakening means being shining ALL of you and learning to love and accept ALL of you.

Over the years facilitating many groups and working with thousands of clients, I have seen that the biggest shifts happen when I let myself be vulnerable and share my story and show myself in an honest and real way. It is deeply validating for others to know they are not failing just because they are feeling a lot.

Feeling isn’t failing.

Transparency is the new key to authentic and transformational leadership.

Shatter the pedestals, accept no imitations, superficial perfection is not real.

Messy is beautiful.

It’s OK to be YOU.


Lots of love,

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6 thoughts on “Messy is Beautiful – Letting go of perfect”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I also feel deep in my heart that both ups and downs make me a authentic woman. Do I think it’s funny? No it can be overwhelming at times but after some time I can see that it served me in someway.. I have a lot of respect for you and hour work!

  2. Bless you Peggy, thank you so much. And I hear you about the hair, mine has a life of it’s own I’m sure of it! 🙂
    K ♥

  3. I love to embrace messy/not perfect…my hair is proof of that lol
    Thank you for your words which I am always so connected to.

    You are truly appreciated Kimberley!!!

  4. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for sharing that. I think you’ve expressed beautifully those feelings many awakening women are having right now. As you may know I call it ‘coming out of the spiritual closet and finding the freedom to be you’. It’s a process for sure. You seem well aware of your own fearful ‘rebound’ so that’s a good start for sure and it’s totally natural whenever we take a step to grow and be brave. Fear in that situation is a good sign of walking on new ground and growing. And we all need mentors and inspirations.
    K ♥

  5. Beautiful post. I am so drawn to being authentically me, failures, warts and all. I doubt myself later for this approach, thinking it will turn people off me or make me look bad and put a dent or kill my business. But, I want to illustrate my realness, my honesty in a world where it is easy to put glitter on the crap, so to speak.
    Feeling like its only going to get more real for me moving forward. Also causing me to choose wisely who I follow as I seek that authenticity from others.

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