My Conscious Birthday Ritual

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As I approach my birthday on Tuesday and complete another turn around the sun, I have been inspired to reflect on the fact that I have become perhaps too good at surviving and battling through the countless tough times and navigating loss. I’ve earned my stripes many times over.

This has given me some mad skills and I can hold safe space for almost anyone going through anything without being shocked, rattled or judgmental. That is a gift to be sure. My heart is big. I am grateful for that.


However. It just dawned on me that as a warrior, something I haven’t ever learned is how to fully LIVE and just enjoy my life. Sure I’ve had bursts of it along the way but if I’m honest it probably totals less than 10% of my life so far. And that makes me sad.


So, my intention for the coming year is for me to really start LIVING and to decide what that looks like, feels like and means for me. To be really specific, this coming year I will be PRACTICING PLEASURE. I will reconnect with my physical senses at a deeper level and come more alive than ever before. And so it is.


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I am also going to pause to celebrate all I have achieved and overcome in my life so far.


I will pause to give thanks for all I have.


And I will acknowledge that which I am ready to release and let go of.


I’m having a birthday ‘season’ this year, not confined to one day. Hooray! So I am being taken out for drinks and meals two evenings this coming week which I’m really looking forward to. The following week I am visiting some soul sisters and also having a delicious massage. *Happy Sigh*.

I haven’t decided what to buy myself yet but I’d like to gift myself something lovely. Any ideas my friends? Knowing me as you do…


Any other Taureans out there?

Let me know and let me know in the comments below how you are honouring yourself.

Lots of love

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