My THANK YOU Gift from Oprah



Back when I was 14 years old, a fascinating being entered my life, one who would change it for ever. That being was Miss Oprah Winfrey.

Every week for months I saved my pocket money, until one day I had enough money to go down to the local Co-op store and buy myself my very own TV. It had a 14 inch black and white screen (all I could afford) but to me it was a momentous day that I will never forget. For months I had gone into that store with Mum and peered up at the little TV on the top shelf that I hoped one day would be mine.

Why this mission? Why this dedicated pocket money saving?

Because I wanted to be able to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show without interruption.

That amazing woman and that purchase changed (and possible saved) my life and set my course…




I come from a home of much love but also of abuse, violence, fear and poverty. People in my world didn’t talk about their feelings and didn’t know how to talk about their pain. And here was a woman who had been through just as much as me by that age, talking openly about her struggles and interviewing other real people and experts who gave me a language to express how I was feeling.

Watching Oprah gave me an ’emotional literacy’ that didn’t exist in my family or in my culture in working class England. Oprah herself gave me the courage to speak out, her guests taught me tools to start healing myself from the effects of a violent Father and best of all she came into my life the same year my Mum was diagnosed with cancer. I couldn’t have got through it without Miss Winfrey.

Of all the things she taught me, of all the ways she saved me, it was one tool that turned things around and kept me from checking out emotionally and ending my life many times. The tool? GRATITUDE. But not just any gratitude….gratitude during hard times.




But how could I even begin to say thank you for a violent bully of a father? How could I say thank you for my Mum’s illness? For our poverty? I was afraid. I was angry. I wasn’t feeling grateful at all.

But there she was, open-hearted, determined and vulnerable on my little black and white screen, finding something, anything to be grateful for in the middle of every tragedy. If she could do it, so could I.

I didn’t want to be fake. I had to find an authentic crack of hope, a way to look at what was unfolding in my life that could flip it around. How could I say “thank you” even when life was at its worst?

I learned that if I kept a ‘gratitude journal’ and found 3 things to say THANK YOU for at the end of each day, my experience of my life would start to change. My Mum might not get well, we might not be able to pay our bills that month, the situation might stay the same but I would not. My response to it all might change and along with it my feelings.


THANKFUL when times are tough


I started to say THANK YOU for the nurses and doctors trying to help Mum. THANK YOU for the kind word and smile of a neighbour who understood I didn’t need to be asked at the age of 14 for the one hundredth time that month “How’s your Mum?” and instead asked me “How are you doing sweetheart?”. And toughest of all was to say THANK YOU to God, to Life for this challenge that would grow me and prepare me in ways I could not see yet.


“It’s easy to be thankful when times are good.
The challenge is to be thankful when times are tough.”
– Kimberley Jones


The vibration of those two words, “THANK YOU” is so powerful and can transform you from a victim to a leader in a moment and give you enough of a shift in feeling and perspective to build upon through action. It brings you present. It clears the fog.


“True forgiveness is when you can say
thank you for that experience”

– Oprah Winfrey


At times I have even said it over and over when I didn’t believe it. Just to bring me present, just to shift me out of blaming and complaining mode. When I do that, something happens, my energy inside me and around me starts to shift, my body tingles, my heart opens and I start to align with the vibration of gratitude and suddenly I am speaking the truth, I am genuinely thankful, I am embodying the grace of gratitude. When that happens new positive experiences are attracted into my world.


keith misner


So my friend, whatever is happening in your life, however hard, finding something, anything, to say THANK YOU for can be the first spark of light in the deepest hole of blackness. It can start to turn things around.

Even now after decades of study, training, spiritual devotion, transformation, personal growth and a mighty ancestral lineage of seers and healers, it is simple GRATITUDE (and remembering to BREATHE deeply) that are my ‘go-to’ tools when I get overwhelmed and forget everything else.

And so my big THANK YOUs today go out to Oprah Winfrey for saving my life and to YOU my friends for joining me on this journey, for your endless love and support of me and my work, for trusting me to help you and for your own immense courage.



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Can you relate to what I have shared my friend? Please leave your comments below. I love to hear from you.




6 thoughts on “My THANK YOU Gift from Oprah”

  1. Thanks so much Shari,
    Yes, I really feel that, she helped give us a voice, beautiful.
    Bless you for sharing that. And just look at you now, such a radiant example to so many! I have no doubt you will have a successful chat show helping many people.
    Lots of love,
    Kimberley ♥

  2. Beautiful! I have the same experience with Oprah. She put a voice to my abuse. I was 12 years old when I started watching her show and when she first started speaking about it, finally there was someone who understood me. She inspired me to want to be a talk show host and help heal others. What a beautiful gift we’ve both been given. THANK YOU to YOU and Oprah. xo

  3. Hi! I want to share a wonderful magical thing that I lately experienced.I am going to copy my-email in which I told about my experience to a beloved friend far far away.I am a senior computer engieneering student and I had been feeling very unsuccesful and unhappy.I had long been wishing for doing something else which would serve my soul but I just could not leave my department after all the huge effort and pain to get here.It is really a long story which includes severe depression and anxiety.I just wanted you to know about it before I share my experience.And one more thing to know: I am going to graduate in June if I do my obligatory internship on January.Otherwise I will have to wait one more year to graduate.In a way, graduation means I will not be stuck in all the things which keeps me from following my heart and which highly contributes to my anxiety and depression.Anyway,Here is the e-mail I wrote to my friend yesterday:
    “Something amazing happened! I was sendin e-mails to companies about the internship and noone was returning.It was about the time that I wrote to you about how much I hate school and this fishbowl etc. That day somehow I decided to take action rather than playing the victim of life.It was that day I started to expose myself to all kind of positive affirmations and thoughts.I told myself “if you try all you can and if doesnt work, I still love you and you will find another way”.I decided to be kind and respectful to my the mean time whether I like it or not, I still had a school to finish so I decided to do my best about it rather than being such a weeper all the time.
    the next day, my mother called me when she was at her crafting course.She told me she met an older lady that day and when they were chatting about their families, my mother mentions I have a daughter studying computer engineering.
    Out of nowhere, that lady says “I have a daughter who owns a software company, your daughter should be an intern there.”
    Can you believe it?? I couldnt! I still didnt get too much excited since it coult turn out to be nothing after my appointment with her daughter.
    a few days ago when I was in the school cafeteria with friends, I just thought about the appointment and a vision came to me.In that vision I was opening my heart and being completely honest in the appointment and it was leading to a place full of peace.I thought it might have been because I had just recently started to feel compassionate about myself.When I was seeing that vision I felt my brain expanding and I began to see the auras of the trees ( I still sometimes see those auras and spider-webish things) .I was full of peace at that time and smiling.Then I was returned to the world by my friend saying “Dude you are really losing it.why are you smiling?”
    Yesterday I asked my parents if I should tell that woman how I feel about my department etc.They told me I shouldnt mention such things because she would think “then what are you doing here?”.I aggreed.
    Then, This morning, I went to see her.we started to talk about my skills etc.But I , the incorrigible crazy persona, began to talk about my inner desires and how I had the wrong motivations when I was choosing my department.The talk went deeper and deeper and she turned out to be a part time life-couch! For THREE hours we talked about how I should decide what path I should follow, about the most important things I want in my life and what would make me happy and how I could get them etc…She said she liked me very much and sometimes mentioned I could start my career in that company.I liked her very very much too.She is such an independent open minded and emphatic woman.I left that building with a HUGE smile realizing that my life is just beggining and I have lots of options.
    by the way did I mention that my mother had JUST met that older lady that exact the same day!”

    I want to say Thank you for a million times! I now believe life will lead to good places for me. THANK YOU!

  4. Dear Alain, soul brother,
    THANK YOU so much. Bless your heart.
    Sending the biggest (((HUG)) to you.
    Lots of love,
    Kimberley ♥

  5. Dear Kimberley,
    I Love YOU Sweet Soul Sister… You are a True Gem… keep shining always <3
    I can totally relate to your story as Gratitude has always been A Major Key on my own path as well… as you said, I was sometimes repeating it non stop just to be able to shift and stop focusing on the situation I was finding myself in at the time. I was looking at all the small things around me for which I could truly be Grateful in each and every one of these painful moments… and, doing so, I was always shown some unexpected Light in one form or another.
    THANK YOU for BEing YOU!
    I Am Totally Grateful that We somewhat share this Path to the Manifestation of Our OwnLight…
    Love and Blessings always,

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