My Wo-Manifesto


My work may look as if it’s largely about me but that isn’t the case.

What I do is for you and about YOU.

Yes I need to pay my bills but I’m not in this for the money honey.

So why am I in this?


I realised in my healing work with clients many years ago that the most powerful breakthrough moments for people happened when I dared to take off my mask of ‘therapist’ and just let myself be a person helping another person.


When I dropped my guard and dared to be truly vulnerable, naked and authentic about my own experiences, that was when there was an obvious breakthrough moment for my client.


When I can find the courage to tell my story, come out of the shadows and say the unsayable then I am more likely to connect with you in a truthful place deep within us both.


If I can go deep enough into truth of ME then perhaps you will recognise yourself and know you are not bad, you are not wrong and you are not alone.


If I dare to share my ‘imperfections’ and reveal to you that I’m not always OK, that I don’t always know what I’m doing, that I hurt, doubt and fall and that most of the time I like myself anyway, maybe you will see a bit of yourself and just maybe it will help you to love and accept yourself a little more.


As I show you behind the scenes of my true experiences of life my hope is that you will give yourself permission to stop beating yourself up.


My prayer is that you will stop trying so hard to hold it all together and just let go and allow the pieces to fall where they may so you can be your real self and let out that breath you’ve been holding for so long.


And so my friend, my sister, I do what I can through my writing, my mentoring sessions and my online offerings to reveal my real life, every day human experience of awakening and all I have learned so that you will see yourself, love yourself, know yourself and know that you are not alone.


Letting go of all you are holding, relinquishing those constricting roles and masks will help you reclaim your authentic power, creativity, freedom and joy so you are free to fly and align with your true purpose in this lifetime.


I know that isn’t always easy to do and so I am here to help you through this transformation and awakening back to your naked and powerful self.


That’s part of my purpose; Transformation through Transparency.


So let’s do this together. Whaddya say?


Lots of love,

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PS: Many thanks to Jamie Catto for inspiring me to create this.



4 thoughts on “My Wo-Manifesto”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    “No one wants to hear about anything spiritual or about God that I have experienced,”
    Not true!
    You are just sharing your wisdom with the wrong people that’s all.
    There is a group of people out there who are your true tribe. They are waiting to hear you share your experiences and wisdom.
    Don’t waste your energy sharing your info with those who are not meant to receive it.
    Much love,
    Kimberley ♥

  2. After my career as a teacher, I became sick and have fought for 13 years just to breath and get through each day. I see double numbers everywhere, I had a glimpse of heaven, I a had day that my mom wistened where someone above was talking to me. I know I have a purpose to live, but I still think I am a little crazy. No one wants to hear about anything spiritual or about God that I have experienced, so how do I develop and grow?
    Kathy Wolfe

  3. Ach, but isnt this just balm for the soul? A companion daring to be herself and gently, so gently, calling her sisters to stand naked and so, so strong, alongside her.

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