peace worldwide starts from inside


UPDATE 22nd March 2016: Thinking of those in Turkey and Brussels affected by more recent attacks.

The recent events in Paris have shaken the world. The sad fact is that awful attacks such as this are happening all over the world and are not always reported. There were 21 terrorist attacks in November 2015 alone.

My heart aches. As an Empath, Clairsentient, HSP, INFP etc I feel these things so deeply, as I know many of you do. It’s OK to feel our own sadness and rage about such events but try not to take on the pain of others my friends. Look after yourselves. Breathe. Take salt baths. Burn incense. Cry and rage. Hug a loved one and breathe again.

We are not helpless. We can make a difference. Sure there are charities we can support like the Red Cross or peace organisations we can be part of. Physical action is needed. However, for those of us who are intuitive, who are Earth Angels, Lightworkers, healers, creatives and change-agents, we know there is also another way to create transformation.

And that is to embrace our feminine power (in men and women) and to access our ability to create change from the INSIDE-OUT.


“Peace worldwide starts from inside”
– The Luminaries.


Back in 2009 I was strongly guided to create a global peace project based on this very concept and supported by science.

8000 of us gathered all over the world to ‘Pause for Peace’, all with the knowledge that by doing so we were changing things for other people and our world. You see energy is contagious. Consciousness is contagious.

Back when I birthed this project I found some research called The Maharishi Effect that stated that it only took a very small fraction of any population to affect change and tip the balance in behaviour and consciousness for the WHOLE of that community. Based on a global population of over 7 billion that means it only takes 8000 people to focus on the same intention, energy and feeling at any one time to shift the energy for the whole planet!



Well I feel called again. Called to revive my earlier peace project. Renamed ‘Pause for Peace’ it centers around a simple meditation that can be done at 11am/11pm local time daily or when you feel called to do it. For just one minute.

I have recorded a longer version of the simple meditation so you can practice and get the hang of it so it comes naturally and easily. Then wherever you are at 11am/11pm local time you will be able to activate and access that same energy field of peace without needing to listen to the whole meditation every time.


Here is your free meditation ‘Pause for Peace’:


DOWNLOAD HERE (right click when you get to the page)


Please also join our new facebook page ‘Peace Worldwide Starts from Inside’.

Thank you.


Lots of love,
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