Welcome my lovely.

Allow me to introduce my Tarot work…

I grew up in the mystical witchy Westcountry in the UK and come from a long line of Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, psychic, mediumistic and intuitive women.  In fact one of my earliest memories is of my Great Grandmother mentoring my Mum on her tea-leaf and Tarot reading process. 

My Mum was also a hairdresser and ran a business from home. It was an unspoken rule that whoever booked the last appointment of the day wanted a tea-leaf or tarot reading after they’d had their hair done. So my job was often to lock the door, put the kettle on and help Mum get everything ready for the Reading. This was our ‘normal’!

When my Mum sadly died and crossed over in 1997 I experienced a dramatic re-activation of my own gifts and a download of her gifts and those of my ancestors.

And so a new path began for me, leading me to this transformational soul work today.

A 2 year old Kimberley.  With my psychic Mum on my birthday.


You have felt the call deep within, these intense times are bringing things up for you, maybe you are already awake and on your path of living, loving and working soulfully and just need some clarity and insight.

Perhaps these transformational times have lit a fire within you and you just want some guidance from your higher self, from the Great Mother and from your own spirit team.

What do your higher self, guides, angels, God/Goddess/Source want you to know most right now for your highest good, greatest joy and deepest love?

This is a deep reflection of your true self, a validation of your inner knowing, a channeling of messages from your own personal Light Team who may have been trying to communicate with you.

My job is to read you deeply, connect with your Soul, scan your energy, receive messages from your guides, angels, loved ones in spirit and offer this wisdom to you with love, compassion and non-judgement, all channeled through the very grounded and practical straight-talking mythical magic of the Tarot.

PLEASE NOTE: All Readings and Sessions with Kimberley also include healing and balancing energy transmissions which flow through behind the scenes naturally and invisibly. This is because she is a Reiki Master Healer, trained Energy Healer, Channel and has trained with Shamans and Energy Masters. SO Please ensure you are in a quiet private place, not driving or operating machinery while in the session with Kimberley and please allow time to rest and ground yourself afterwards. 


This is for awakening womxn embodying the sacred feminine who have experienced the intensity of the Twin Flame ‘activation’, battled with the confusion of the complex feelings and the shadow dance of co-dependency and who are looking for answers, reassurance and clarity as they grow and explore the path of Selfhood, Sovereignty and Sacred Union within in service of something greater.

This is transformative work focussed very much on YOU and your self-love as you navigate the often overwhelming pull of your divine counterpart. However, information also comes through about your beloved and what is going on for them, the dynamics between you and the most empowering approach to this Divine path of embodying unconditional love.

I am a Twin Flame myself, so I guide you from personal experience and with a deep, soul-centred, kind, non-judgemental and first-hand understanding of this path.


Readings are offered by phone (UK only) or online voice call (Internationally)

£88 GBP for 60 minutes paid via a Paypal link

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GDPR NOTE: I do not record Readings or make notes (or store your personal data). However you are free to record your Reading. Most people just take a few notes as they relax and receive the messages and healing energies offered in these beautiful sessions.


“Kimberley, your readings and sessions are amazing. Really amazing!” 

– P.Stanley (London)

“Kimberley, I am blown away by the depth, quality and care of your reading.  It is exactly the help and reflection that I need at the moment. Thank you so much”

– H.S. (Music Teacher, UK)

“I am so fortunate to have you to guide me & ground me! You are a real life ‘Spirit Guide’ making sense of and helping us to understand all that is there in our universe!” 

– Evie (Nutritionist, New Zealand)

 “I haven’t felt this good in ages. I would pay hundreds of pounds for this! Thank you so much!”

– D.Knight (UK)

“You are just completely out of this world, amazing, loving, accurate!”

– S.L. (USA)

“I just want to say a big thank you for everything you give me. I feel you are a teacher and healer of the highest order. I’m so grateful for this learning. Lots of love”

– Caroline (UK)

“You are a blessing to me, Kimberley! thank you so much for seeing me and encouraging the REAL me 🙂 much love & tears of joy/gratitude :)” 

– I.J. (UK)

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