SPIRITUAL CRISIS: Changing how awakening is treated in modern healthcare

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This past weekend I headed off on a mighty road trip with my friend and fellow ‘Spiritual Crisis’ experiencer, Emma. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to attend the Spiritual Crisis Network UK’s annual conference (I’m part of their development team) and to go to a pioneering two day training on how to help people experiencing spiritual emergence, hosted by Dr Emma Bragdon.

A dear friend and client of mine died tragically last year as a result of her spiritual emergence process tipping into an emergency. The doctors didn’t recognise Spiritual Emergence and so treated her as if she was ill. She had her emergence pathologised and it was so internally violent for her that it cost her her life.

I don’t want to see that happen again.

It breaks my heart to think of anyone’s spiritual emergence process being suppressed and misdiagnosed, especially when it costs lives and as a community we lose potential teachers, guides and change-agents.

Now, I know at the higher/deeper soul level of things there are no mistakes and that my friend is doing beautiful work from where she is now in spirit. I know that. But I still need to be grounded and honest about my human heart which breaks into floods of tears whenever I try to voice what I just wrote above.

40,000 people across Europe were killed as witches not that long ago because they used herbs or spoke of other realms, and now anyone speaking out as having mystical experiences is being diagnosed as sick and medicated. I can’t see we’ve come that far.

As a self-declared ‘Midwife of Modern Mystics’ passionate about EMPOWERING awakening women, of course it makes sense that my life would lead me into changing the system that continues to get in the way of a healthy emergence process.

And so this past weekend I spent 3 days surrounded by fellow emergence experiencers, doctors, scientists, chaplains, healers and teachers all stepping up to pioneer this change in our culture and in modern healthcare at a ground-breaking hospital in Norfolk in the UK. The hospital is Mundesley Hospital and the leading edge training venue there is called ‘The Hope Academy’.

I’m happy to share some photos with you from our amazing event. Below you’ll also find some links which I hope are helpful.


Mundesley Hosp and SCN conf

LEFT: Mundesley Hospital, Norfolk. Standing in front is the giant of a man with a giant heart, Leigh, a man whose own spiritual crisis gave him the vision, the energy and eventually the means to buy this building, restore it and create a leading edge integrated hospital.
RIGHT: Gathering for the very first event at the hospital’s ‘Hope Academy’, The Spiritual Crisis Network UK’s annual conference.




hope academy

The Hope Academy at Mundesley Hospital will be delivering leading edge training offering an integrated approach to psychological and emotional wellbeing. This is the sign hanging in their training room.




me with Mark and Grace

LEFT: Me with Mark Wentworth, Director of Therapies at Mundesley Hospital, Norfolk.
RIGHT: Me with Grace Warwick, Director of Transpersonal Psychology at the Hope Academy, Mundesley Hospital, Norfolk.




Attendees of Emma Bragdon course

After the Spiritual Crisis Network conference on Friday, a few of us stayed on for a 2 day training with Dr Emma Bragdon on how to offer effective support to people experiencing Spiritual Emergency. Wonderful people, food and discussions.


SOME HELPFUL LINKS (Many of the below sites contain further links and resources):

Spiritual Crisis Network UK

Spiritual Emergence Network USA

Spiritual Emergence Service CANADA

A page of international links to Spiritual Emergence support services

Dr Emma Bragdon’s website

Mundesley Hospital


Can you suggest helpful sites and resources for those experiencing Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Crisis? Please leave them in the comments below. Thank you.


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Lots of love,

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IMAGE CREDIT: Thank you to Paige Bradley for the top image ‘Expansion’
PLEASE NOTE: The above are my views independent of any organisation mentioned in this post.




6 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL CRISIS: Changing how awakening is treated in modern healthcare”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your devastating experience, the loss of your son. What a tribute to him that you spoke at the SCN conference and are in Catherine’s book. I’m also in that book as you may know and will go back and re-read it in honour of your son. I’ll also contact you privately.
    K ♥

  2. hello Kimberly,
    I am moved to write because my very gorgeous and heart open child died, aged 17, amidst a spiritual awakening.
    I made a presentation about him at a Spiritual Crisis Network conference some years ago and Catherine Lucas wrote about him in her book.
    It has been the most traumatic and devastating experience of my life and the deepest loss, and also I know and have all along, in the place where we really simply know things, that he left when he was meant to and within all the things which went wrong, all is, in the absolute reality, right.
    Would be lovely to hear from you if you have time.

  3. Thank you so much Kimberly.
    I wish there was something like this here in the Netherlands too.
    I have the need for it myself, and would also love to have a part in faciliating here.
    So who knows?!

  4. It made me tremble, Kimberley, to take in the magnitude of this… your pivotal role in redeeming + rebirthing the decaying allopathic healthcare model. This degree of transformative cultural changing is just… staggering. Thank you. Bless you. Love you. Admire the heaven out of you!!! XOXO

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