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*Buttons pushed. Passion rising. Rant alert!*


I’m saying this AGAIN because I can also see this bubbling up for many of my friends and it needs voicing over and over:

It isn’t just about WHAT you’re selling folks! It’s about HOW you do it!

Back in 1999 I was blessed to be part of a leading edge creative/intuitive development team birthing a new paradigm of ‘Spirituality in Business’. We made great strides. And then along came the new online business models of the coaching and information business and the so-called spiritual online businesses and we’re back to the start again…….integrity and humanity out of the window. Lip service, egos and ‘Mean Girls’ style back-scratching cliques, false idols and patriarchy dressed up as something else

It’s time to call it.

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The day I jumped off the cliff


lady leaping


I was terrified. My gut was in knots. A friend had pushed me off the ledge and suggested I rent a room at a doctor-run complimentary clinic in town. But how could I? I knew my dream was to work for myself in some way that would heal and empower women but I wasn’t ready.

Or was I?
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Could your career and purpose be two different things?


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I’ve had a question from Mary in Nebraska.

Mary asks: Is your life purpose necessarily your career or job? Could they be two different things?

Great question Mary, thank you.

It’s totally OK to express your soul purpose through a hobby.

However, if you are awakening to a call deep within you to express your soul purpose in some way, then over time it can become more apparent that you no longer wish to waste time and energy on an unfulfilling job you don’t enjoy.

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Welcome to my new podcast ‘SHIFT and SHINE’!…..Ep 1: What is a feminine business?


SHIFT and SHINE PODCAST cover copy


Welcome to my new free podcast ‘SHIFT and SHINE’!

In this first episode I answer a question sent in by Lila from Mexico. Lila wants to know more about the emerging paradigm of feminine business and just how to run a business in a more feminine way.

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How to turn your purpose into an online Soulful Business: The first 5 steps


  June 19th


Is your current job sucking the soul out of you? Maybe you’ve been made redundant. Are you feeling a calling to do something meaningful with your life? Perhaps you want to do work you love and do it from home. Would you like to know how to start an online soulful business you can fit around your family and lifestyle?

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Why your PJs are the key to success in your Soulful Business!

KJ Quote June 5 2013


I really haven’t wanted to do much lately other than rest and snuggle. In our push, push, push culture sitting and doing nothing is a guilt-inducing luxury and I still have the odd twinge of it from time to time as I put on my PJs.

When you work for yourself there is yet another layer of pressure or expectation for us to always be on the go, go, go because heaven forbid we might fail. Add to that the responsibility of a mortgage and children and no wonder we have creative, intelligent, sensitive women burning out all over the place (been there and have the t-shirt by the way).

So why does this happen and what can we do about it?

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