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*Buttons pushed. Passion rising. Rant alert!*


I’m saying this AGAIN because I can also see this bubbling up for many of my friends and it needs voicing over and over:

It isn’t just about WHAT you’re selling folks! It’s about HOW you do it!

Back in 1999 I was blessed to be part of a leading edge creative/intuitive development team birthing a new paradigm of ‘Spirituality in Business’. We made great strides. And then along came the new online business models of the coaching and information business and the so-called spiritual online businesses and we’re back to the start again…….integrity and humanity out of the window. Lip service, egos and ‘Mean Girls’ style back-scratching cliques, false idols and patriarchy dressed up as something else

It’s time to call it.

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Leaping from the safety of a miserable job to the uncertainty of feminine flow and freedom



Every morning when I got up to go to a job I didn’t enjoy or to work for someone else, I had a gnawing feeling in my gut, I’m grateful to have worked in over 20 different businesses at various levels for 20 years before I made the leap to work for myself. I got loads of valuable experience and training, BUT it was a close call.

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When I became the muse for magical healing art



A few months ago I began a magical journey of art and healing that would take my breath away.

I had seen some delightful illustrations of women floating past on my facebook timeline last year and I could feel there was something special about them. Maybe as an intuitive and energy artist I was picking up on some vibes I really liked. I wasn’t sure. I just knew I liked them. A lot!

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Does your job suck your soul?




I’ve heard from a huge number of you this past week who are at the end of your tether and have been sitting at work with your head in your hands thinking:

“I have really got to get out of here NOW. I can feel my soul withering. Enough is enough. But how? What about money? What will my partner or family think?”

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Why your PJs are the key to success in your Soulful Business!

KJ Quote June 5 2013


I really haven’t wanted to do much lately other than rest and snuggle. In our push, push, push culture sitting and doing nothing is a guilt-inducing luxury and I still have the odd twinge of it from time to time as I put on my PJs.

When you work for yourself there is yet another layer of pressure or expectation for us to always be on the go, go, go because heaven forbid we might fail. Add to that the responsibility of a mortgage and children and no wonder we have creative, intelligent, sensitive women burning out all over the place (been there and have the t-shirt by the way).

So why does this happen and what can we do about it?

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Why it’s OK to charge for your gifts and why you need to

Hiring me copy


This may not apply to you my friend but there are SO many people who think it’s wrong to charge a fee for doing work you love or for doing work that utilises your gifts and talents.

As an awakening woman, Lightworker, Intuitive, Healer, Therapist, Artist, Musician, Teacher or Writer…what do YOU feel about this? Have you had people give you a hard time for charging for what you do? Can you relate to the above poster? 

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