6 ENERGY TOOLS FOR EMPATHS – To shift emotional weight


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OK let me say right away this isn’t about what size you are or trying to make you feel you need to be slimmer. Gawd! There’s enough of that pressure on women around already. No this is about understanding why as Empaths our bodies can behave so strangely and how to let go of emotional weight that is affecting you in more important ways than the number on your clothing label!

We sensitives, intuitives and empaths have a tendency to carry emotional weight. Maybe it acts as a buffer against the energy of other people and places, maybe it’s because we comfort eat to ground ourselves again after getting overstimulated by said energies or perhaps there is an accumulation of energy in our bodies that isn’t ours.

Maybe it’s all of those things.

Can you relate? Does this ring true for you?

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EMPATH NEWSFLASH: Most people don’t know how YOU are feeling!



One of the biggest life shifts for me after my Mum died many years ago was the realisation that she and I had our own unique way of communicating with each other. It was empathic and at times telepathic. Most of our dialogue was non-verbal.

But now she was gone and it hit me like arriving on an alien planet how I hadn’t actually learned how to verbally communicate my feelings.

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“Good girls don’t get angry”…and why that leads to depression and illness in women



Since hurting my back I’ve had a lot of anger bubble to the surface and it has given me a chance once again to look at my relationship with this powerful energy in motion (e-motion) and ask you what you feel about it.

As an ‘energy intuitive’ I see and sense anger as a dark red energy that is sourced in helplessness and suppressed power. Anger is just how it expresses when we act it out or project it.

As a sensation in the body it can be experienced quite simply as heat, tension and agitation.

The thing is, it’s just old energy getting stirred up from the ‘pain body’ like sediment at the bottom of a fish tank getting swirled up. And any opportunity to release/transmute some of our pain body is a blessing.

So why oh why is anger such a touchy subject, especially for women?

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A love letter to awakening women

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You are a strong and beautiful woman who is far more powerful than you know.

I know, when life gets rough this may be the last thing you believe. But I’m telling you, no matter what the media tells you, no matter what a difficult past tells you, no matter what your own insecurities tell you, you are good enough exactly as you are right now.

Many of you are facing profound inner changes, dark nights of the soul, relationship challenges, life shifts and crises of confidence.

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