[MEDITATION] PAUSE FOR PEACE – Peace worldwide starts from inside


peace worldwide starts from inside


UPDATE 22nd March 2016: Thinking of those in Turkey and Brussels affected by more recent attacks.

The recent events in Paris have shaken the world. The sad fact is that awful attacks such as this are happening all over the world and are not always reported. There were 21 terrorist attacks in November 2015 alone.

My heart aches. As an Empath, Clairsentient, HSP, INFP etc I feel these things so deeply, as I know many of you do. It’s OK to feel our own sadness and rage about such events but try not to take on the pain of others my friends. Look after yourselves. Breathe. Take salt baths. Burn incense. Cry and rage. Hug a loved one and breathe again.

We are not helpless. We can make a difference. Sure there are charities we can support like the Red Cross or peace organisations we can be part of. Physical action is needed. However, for those of us who are intuitive, who are Earth Angels, Lightworkers, healers, creatives and change-agents, we know there is also another way to create transformation.

And that is to embrace our feminine power (in men and women) and to access our ability to create change from the INSIDE-OUT.


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The Power of YES! – Why you lose parts of yourself and how to get them back!


the power of yes



Years ago one of my first spiritual teachers (a Canadian business guru turned shamanic and spiritual leader) asked me squarely in the eyes,

“Kimberley, what do you want?”

We were working together at that time developing energy workshops on transformation, tapping into the vortex that allows us to manifest instantly.

There I was with my very own genie asking me to make my wishes. If I could have whatever I wanted in all the world, what would it be?

What happened next changed me and my life forever.

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Why your PJs are the key to success in your Soulful Business!

KJ Quote June 5 2013


I really haven’t wanted to do much lately other than rest and snuggle. In our push, push, push culture sitting and doing nothing is a guilt-inducing luxury and I still have the odd twinge of it from time to time as I put on my PJs.

When you work for yourself there is yet another layer of pressure or expectation for us to always be on the go, go, go because heaven forbid we might fail. Add to that the responsibility of a mortgage and children and no wonder we have creative, intelligent, sensitive women burning out all over the place (been there and have the t-shirt by the way).

So why does this happen and what can we do about it?

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