11 Transformational Tips for over-giving, people-pleasing Empaths


givers need to set limits


Do you give too much? Is it always you that makes the effort?


We loving, caring, sensitive souls can end up giving our power away and falling into the trap of over-giving. But why?

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The Truth About Soulmates


truth about soulmates


What do you think about Soulmates?

Do you believe they are the happy ever after love mate from the romcoms?

Are you in a relationship right now with someone you feel is your Soulmate? Perhaps you’ve had a rude awakening about what Soulmates really are?

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YOUR STORIES: #2 Breaking free of a narcissist/empath relationship


your stories 300


It’s hard to decide where to start. I lived over half a century feeling angry, unnoticed, undervalued. 

At 18 I ended up marrying someone I saw as a rising star. More than 30 years later, 10 of them dealing with the chronic pain he suffered as a result of multiple injuries he sustained as a super hero firefighter/ paramedic, he had a “miracle” surgery that left him virtually pain free.

I realized what a prisoner I had been and how suffocated I was dealing with all his issues and decided that my life was going to be different and started getting rid of everything holding me down. It felt like a constant struggle with him blocking every effort.

Then one morning I had my “wake up” call, I can still visualize the lightning bolt hitting my heart, I was in bed and the pain was so intense that it left me practically paralyzed for 2 days.

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Self-worth, relationships and finances


getting our needs met


Difficult life events can gradually erode our self-confidence and self-worth, especially if our roots were already a bit on the weak side to begin with due to a tough childhood.

The recent full moon and lunar eclipse as well as some personal healing I am doing have all brought up issues for me around self-worth. In particular I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustration and pain around never truly learning that it was OK to have my needs met, even in the most basic ways as a child.

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Healing Your Wounded Heart

entry point

Is your wounded heart keeping you from opening fully to love? To life?

Can you accept a compliment without batting it away?

Can you welcome an offer of help without claiming “No thanks, I’m fine” when we both know you’re really not?

Can you open to caring concern from loved ones without shutting them out with “I’m fine thanks” and then quickly shifting the focus on to them by asking how they are?

If you answered YES that can be a sign that you have closed the doors to the ‘receiving’ side of your heart.

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Filling the Inner Void with LOVE

Today during a Lightworker Mentoring session with a beautiful client, I touched on how the best energetic/psychic protection is to be FULL to overflowing with love, with light and with something higher and deeper.


Because when we are depleted for whatever reason, and there are many reasons, we become like a vacuum sucking in other peoples’ energy and we become vulnerable to unhealthy influences.

At the extreme this depletion and disconnection from a higher force beyond ourselves can lead to or perpetuate destructive habits and addictions.

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