EMPATHS are the pioneers of peace


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One of my recent social media posts really resonated with a lot of you on Instagram and Facebook this week and I’d love to know what you think and feel about this topic.

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SENSITIVES: 9 Tips to help you handle overwhelm in social situations


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I’ve been hearing a similar question over and over from my clients lately about how they feel as sensitives and empaths when in overwhelming social situations……

“As empaths we are constantly questioning ourselves, assuming we are at fault or are the only ones feeling bad in a social situation. How do we know which part of ourselves to listen to? Our heads and logic trying to make sense of things or how we feel?”

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11 Transformational Tips for over-giving, people-pleasing Empaths


givers need to set limits


Do you give too much? Is it always you that makes the effort?


We loving, caring, sensitive souls can end up giving our power away and falling into the trap of over-giving. But why?

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6 EMPATH ENERGY TOOLS: Reclaim your power and feel like you again


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When we are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive or are navigating the inner shifts of awakening, we can become very impressionable and easily lose ourselves.

Other people and their opinions and realities can draw us in, causing us to drift away from our own truth. Social media can fill our energy fields with multiple viewpoints and energy deposits every day. Plus we tend to be more open to other realms and spirits and the collective experience and so can forget who we are.

This isn’t because we are weak souls, not by any means, our sensitivity is our strength, however, as Empaths we take on the thoughts and feelings of others every day and they can cloud our own reality and make us scattered, fragmented and ungrounded.

This can cause us to lose our energy and power without even knowing it’s happening.

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Why sensitive souls lack confidence + 5 ways to turn that around


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As a sensitive soul I often feel overwhelmed by a busy and overstimulating world. I used to think I was failing because I couldn’t cope with it.

I used to get paranoid because I could feel what people were feeling and knew what they were thinking but they rarely showed it or admitted to it. It felt like dishonesty even when it wasn’t.

Somehow everyone else got the guide book of how to be in this world and I didn’t get a copy.

Can you relate?

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“Good girls don’t get angry”…and why that leads to depression and illness in women



Since hurting my back I’ve had a lot of anger bubble to the surface and it has given me a chance once again to look at my relationship with this powerful energy in motion (e-motion) and ask you what you feel about it.

As an ‘energy intuitive’ I see and sense anger as a dark red energy that is sourced in helplessness and suppressed power. Anger is just how it expresses when we act it out or project it.

As a sensation in the body it can be experienced quite simply as heat, tension and agitation.

The thing is, it’s just old energy getting stirred up from the ‘pain body’ like sediment at the bottom of a fish tank getting swirled up. And any opportunity to release/transmute some of our pain body is a blessing.

So why oh why is anger such a touchy subject, especially for women?

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The Power of Being Alone

the journey inward


We sensitive, awakening women (and men) need a lot of quiet time, which let’s face it isn’t always easy to find in our busy modern world, especially if you have children.

This past Easter weekend I spent most of my time snuggled up in bed alone and resting and it was BLISS.

I’m an introvert so I’m in my element when I’m on my own. It goes against my nature to be at social events, on video, talking on radio shows, taking part in conferences, let alone doing workshops or public speaking! If it wasn’t my soul’s passionate calling to do the work I do I would run for the hills!

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