witch wound

(Little pink broomstick – A gift from my friend Emma and her Il Camino pilgrimage)


Do you find yourself hiding your oracle card decks when your Mother visits?

Are you silent about your spiritual beliefs around your Church friends?

Do you go through waves of panic and fear just thinking about stepping out of the Spiritual Closet and doing the healing/intuitive/psychic/spiritual work you’ve always wanted to do?

Have you realised that your mental and physical health suffers when you suppress your true self, intuitive/healing gifts and abilities?

If you answered YUP! then you’re probably experiencing what I describe as the ‘Witch Wound’.

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EMPATHS are the pioneers of peace


sisterhood shakti flower

One of my recent social media posts really resonated with a lot of you on Instagram and Facebook this week and I’d love to know what you think and feel about this topic.

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SPIRITUAL CRISIS: Changing how awakening is treated in modern healthcare

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This past weekend I headed off on a mighty road trip with my friend and fellow ‘Spiritual Crisis’ experiencer, Emma. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to attend the Spiritual Crisis Network UK’s annual conference (I’m part of their development team) and to go to a pioneering two day training on how to help people experiencing spiritual emergence, hosted by Dr Emma Bragdon.

A dear friend and client of mine died tragically last year as a result of her spiritual emergence process tipping into an emergency. The doctors didn’t recognise Spiritual Emergence and so treated her as if she was ill. She had her emergence pathologised and it was so internally violent for her that it cost her her life.

I don’t want to see that happen again.

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I’m birthing a book baby: labour pains of a spiritual memoir




OK, I admit it, even working on the final edit of my book is an emotional challenge.

Writing a deeply personal, reveal-all spiritual memoir about my awakening and spiritual crisis is NOT easy. I’m sooo looking forward to finally birthing this baby!! Thank you so much for all your support my lovelies. I hope my next books will be easier to write.

Here’s a bit of The Diary of an Awakening Woman – Kimberley Jones for you……

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My latest BIG wake up call!


big wake up call blog image


Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things life can shake your grip loose. Just when you’ve found some solid footing upon which to rebuild a life, the earth turns to sand and everything starts to shift all over again!

Oh the joys of an awakened life

Recently I faced another big transformational invitation one that has shaken me up and prompted me to let go all over again of everything I thought I knew. So many of you have emailed me recently (THANK YOU you are amazing) asking how I am and expressing your heartfelt concern so I didn’t want to keep you waiting before I let you know what is going on for me right now.

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Falling Apart is NORMAL


falling apart is normal

Sometimes when life falls apart or we have a shock or trauma, we break down. This is natural. Normal. But somehow we’ve forgotten that we are fragile beings with minds, hearts and souls and we try to push on through it.

We are not machines.

Life can be hard. Being human can be hard. Yes it can also be immensely beautiful but somehow we have forgotten how to cut ourselves some slack when things get tough.

When life shakes us to the core we can experience depression, anxiety, visions, hear sounds and voices, feel uncontrollably afraid and emotional. Sometimes we can’t leave the house. Sometimes we can’t work. Sometimes we can’t socialise or live anything that resembles our old life.

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RADIO SHOW: What is Spiritual Crisis?


what is spiritual crisis


Click the player below to hear me chat with Barefoot Broadcaster Carl Munson on The Transformation show at Access All Aerials all about Spiritual Crisis and sudden psycho-spiritual transformation. Mixed in with some of my favourite soul tunes!

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