You get to a certain age where your wounds and wisdom outweigh the perky girlish wannabe try-hard charm.

You have lost more than you have.

You may have even let go of the ambition and the need to please.

You are stronger in the broken places. No more effs given!!
HOWEVER you may not see the ✨GOLD✨ in this midlife phase of life.

Feeling burnt out, not good enough. Unattractive.

You may have succumbed to ‘comparisonitis’.

Not realising you are stronger in the broken places.

Not realising you are a Sage in training, a Witch awaiting her Wisdom Wand, a Maven graduating to Mastery/Misstry.

Midlife is when we look back wondering if we failed.

For women it isn’t fast cars and toy boys (not usually anyway), it can be a silent, simmering sadness and hopelessness, wondering if Life is over, a blindness to our deeper beauty and the wisdom woven into our wounds.

It can be a wondering if we’ll ever truly be happy or ‘find ourselves’.
With a little help you can see you are unravelling, awakening, transforming and becoming.

Becoming all you were always meant to be and instead of the try-hard, accumulation years of youth it is about shedding, surrendering, humility, fierce wisdom and boldly being and loving all that you truly are.

I’m right there with you my lovelies!

K x

Leaping from the safety of a miserable job to the uncertainty of feminine flow and freedom



Every morning when I got up to go to a job I didn’t enjoy or to work for someone else, I had a gnawing feeling in my gut, I’m grateful to have worked in over 20 different businesses at various levels for 20 years before I made the leap to work for myself. I got loads of valuable experience and training, BUT it was a close call.

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WOMEN + WEALTH: Healing the Witch Wound


elemental child 3


There are many reasons why women hold themselves back from stepping into their full potential but as Venus goes into retrograde let’s look at one of the biggies.

As a woman starts to awaken and her consciousness expands she begins to tap into the collective experience and shared ‘pain body’ of woman.

Every month with our cycle we tap even deeper into that shared sisterhood experience.

As her passion and purpose begin to stir within her she faces the dark places that hold us all back.

One of which is the fear of what happens when an awakened woman decides to “put her head above the parapet” and dare to be seen.

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The Truth About Soulmates


truth about soulmates


What do you think about Soulmates?

Do you believe they are the happy ever after love mate from the romcoms?

Are you in a relationship right now with someone you feel is your Soulmate? Perhaps you’ve had a rude awakening about what Soulmates really are?

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Healing the disease to please


healing the disease to please


I’m a recovering people-pleaser. It’ll be something I need to stay aware of for the rest of my life. There isn’t a cure, I just need to manage it daily. It’s something I need to be conscious of every, single, day. Boundaries, assertiveness, self-care, selfhood, not hiding my light, saying no to others when I need to and saying a big juicy YES to myself. Without, apology.

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YOUR STORIES: #1 A sensitive soul wants to leave a job that makes her unhappy


your stories 300

Anyone who knows me either in the flesh or digitally will have heard me bemoan adjusting to returning to my work as an FE lecturer after the holidays….every cell in my body protests about being trapped in a ‘sick’ building, forcing my body into routines it does not want and working with students I have never been trained to deal with. But rather than whinge about my work environment I wanted to share a moment I had today with my work colleagues.

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VIDEO: ‘SOUL WHISPERS 2.0’ – For Lightworkers and Awakening Women

Hi friends,
My eBook Soul Whispers has had an update and upgrade. So I have created a new inspirational video to celebrate!
You can get your free copy of my Soul Whispers eBook when you sign up at the top right hand corner of this website.


Lots of love,
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Self-worth, relationships and finances


getting our needs met


Difficult life events can gradually erode our self-confidence and self-worth, especially if our roots were already a bit on the weak side to begin with due to a tough childhood.

The recent full moon and lunar eclipse as well as some personal healing I am doing have all brought up issues for me around self-worth. In particular I’ve been experiencing a lot of frustration and pain around never truly learning that it was OK to have my needs met, even in the most basic ways as a child.

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A love letter to awakening women

feminine power


You are a strong and beautiful woman who is far more powerful than you know.

I know, when life gets rough this may be the last thing you believe. But I’m telling you, no matter what the media tells you, no matter what a difficult past tells you, no matter what your own insecurities tell you, you are good enough exactly as you are right now.

Many of you are facing profound inner changes, dark nights of the soul, relationship challenges, life shifts and crises of confidence.

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How to shift from the ‘should’ life to the GOOD life




Are you a people-pleaser? Is the ‘disease-to-please’ eating away at your health, wealth and happiness?

Maybe you are living a life of ought-tos, should-dos and I-better-had-dos?

Well, let me tell you, I’ve been there. I got so used to the “I-don’t-really-wanna-do-this-but-I’ll-say-yes-to-keep-the-peace” thing that it became my automatic norm.

I didn’t know how to say NO to the expectations and requests of others and perhaps more importantly, I didn’t know how to say YES to myself.

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