Your Soul Purpose: The REAL reason you are here


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What if your true soul’s purpose has little to do with the ‘work’ you do?

What if the reason you are here goes way beyond anything you can imagine?


The main question I am asked almost daily by awakening women is:

“What is my soul’s purpose? Why am I here? What am I here to do?”

I hear you my friend.

It’s frustrating not to know.

There is also an urgency associated with the awakening process that makes us want to get on with it NOW!

That urgency is simply the energy and passion emerging from a long sleep, it is your fuel. It doesn’t mean you have to run at it head first, even though I know you REALLY want to.


Your Soul Purpose is the ‘what’, your Life Path is the ‘how’


OK so let’s get to it.

But first let me clear something up.

Your Soul Purpose is the ‘what’, your Life Path is the ‘how’.

When you come to me asking:

“Kimberley can you tell me my soul purpose? Why am I here? What is my true work in the world? What should I be doing?”

…what you are really asking about is your LIFE PATH not your soul purpose.

You jump right over the top of your soul purpose and want to get on with your life path now, now, now!

But here’s the thing: If you don’t understand and embody the ‘what’ then you cannot implement it in the world as the ‘how’.

The current trend is to focus on the ‘why’ but that’s just a leftover from the corporate world. In terms of Soul Purpose the ‘why’ is simply because it’s what you chose to come here to share. End of story. To ground it in the world as something fulfilling for you and helpful for others you need to embody and express the ‘what’.

Does that make sense? OK this is important so I’m going to write it again, but BIG this time…


If you don’t understand and embody the ‘what’ then you cannot implement it in the world as the ‘how’


Why do we miss out the most important part?

In a nutshell, ego.

Our ego wants to know, it wants to get on with it, it wants to feel fulfilled by helping others, the mind always wants to understand “why?” it wants to feel safe and have money coming in and it wants it all yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with those things but they have little to do with your true soul’s purpose.

As a ‘soul whisperer’ (just a fancy term for a clear ‘seer’ of souls) I have helped thousands of women align with their life path and turn that into an income. Those paths are as unique, individual and beautiful as each woman but one thing unites them all. One core purpose sits deep at the core of every human and it is this….


Enjoy a deep breath because this is where I get DEEP 🙂


You are the ocean and you are one drop of water in that ocean. You are both.

You are one and you are all.

You coalesced out of the infinite field of all that is and individuated as your unique soul.

You emerged out of the infinite is-ness of everything and chose human form and life on this Earth.

You did this so that you/all could experience itself and the illusion of separation from the all that is.

You came here to EXPERIENCE what it feels like to be one facet of the whole standing in a separate physical body from your neighbour.

You came here to celebrate and enjoy the human, physical experience whilst remembering that you are far more than that.

You did not come here to try to get back ‘home’ the minute you remembered.

You did not come here to judge the human, physical experience as being somehow ‘dense’ and less spiritual.


(By the way, the tough times are there to shake you up and wake you up to who you really are and to give you that one thing you are here for; EXPERIENCE).


You are here to bring the love and awareness of your soul, of your infinite self into this place and this time, grounding the light of Source in your everyday life and unifying spirit and matter, heaven and earth in the process.

You are not here to get stuck at the awakening and remembering phase and become some kind of guru.

You are here to remember who you are and why you are here and then enjoy life, allowing that remembering to add sublime beauty to the mundane through your new open eyes.

You are here to love and be loved, to share your gifts and to celebrate this human lifetime which is but the blink of eye in the context of your soul’s journey.

And in the process you grow as a soul, you experience whatever your soul chose to experience in order to grow. You play a part in the overall evolution of human consciousness.


From that place of remembering and of deep appreciation and celebration of this planet and this life you can then express your love and your gifts into the world in whatever way fulfills you and brings you joy.

THAT is your life path, the way you choose to share your gifts and love. It can be a hobby or you can turn it into a ‘business’ if you wish to put it at the centre of your life in full integrity and sustain your life by doing what you love.

Your Soul Purpose is the ‘what’, your Life Path is the ‘how’ and you are free to choose any path you wish. If you walk that path listening to your heart and following your joy step by step then you stay aligned with your soul purpose in the process.


How do you feel about this post my friend? I’d love to hear your comments below! 

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‘Your soul purpose: The REAL reason you are here’ by Kimberley Jones @SHIFTandSHINE
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Lots of love,

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5 thoughts on “Your Soul Purpose: The REAL reason you are here”

  1. Bless you Preity, thanks so much for that.
    I’m so happy for you and excited about your future. It sounds like you have found your flow.
    Much love,
    Kimberley ♥

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that with me Kerry. It sounds like you had some really clear and beautiful guidance there.
    Much love,
    Kimberley ♥

  3. Thank you Kerry and WELL DONE for following your heart regardless of the fears of those around you, that takes courage.
    Keep going one gentle step at a time and prioritise your own self-care and self-healing as you go along.
    If I can help you further let me know.
    Lots of love,
    Kimberley x

  4. hi Kimberly,
    I have been following my inner guidance since my last job contract ended.For about 2 years I’ve attended training courses and started to set up a healing practice but recently my dreams and guides told me clearly that I’m in a chrysalis and need to slow down and be healed myself.The most difficult thing is that people around me don’t understand as they listen to their logic not their hearts.
    One thing that has helped me is writing all my feelings and advice from my guides in a journal.Another is reading your e.mails and realising how many people are having similar experiences.
    Thanks for all you do,
    love and best wishes,

  5. Kimber, you’ve always been a good friend and sorta spiritual companion to me. I read you facebook updates. I read your e-mails. I am guided solely by my heart that connects me to my angelic family and my God. It was very initially revealed to me that I here in this dimension I have no master. I am master myself, and here I need to awaken and re-gain my mastery; I am to learn from my own chosen and created experience. I failed first time in love. I manifested it again and now as I evolved and awakened, my manifested came to me in truest, purest and most intense terms, in the form of my love. I have been healing, lightworking, bringing on gaia the new 5D energies and aligning with my divinity for long. And now my heart call is like- Make a website. Launch yourself. Reveal that you are a healer; you are attuned to reiki long back. Not just in buses, roads, trains and metros, there are lots more who need to be healed! Express your gifts. Express your divinity, and spread the light!!!
    This is the urge I am getting. Moreover the synchronicities that follow me everywhere..the angelic codes…the feathers… and very lately your updates of ‘business’… I am pushed and kicked and dragged towards this thing. Now with time I am confident about launching my self forward… I am not afraid of tasting failures first hands…
    Thanks to you Kimber. You have been an important part of my mission on Gaia. My angelic family, my friends at my home, my god will be happy finally seeing me getting on work… Thanks. My love and regards.

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