Hi my friend,

Did you get an answer?

What colour popped into your mind when you read the title of this blog?

Did you even get a colour? (If you did then do let me know in the comments box below this post)

Maybe you thought it was the oddest question.

If you smiled with recognition and got a colour right away, if you get other colours for other words, names, numbers and letters then you may have what is known as ‘Grapheme Synaesthesia’.

Yes it has a name! And no you are not losing your marbles after all.

And you are not alone.

Apparently around 1% of the population have senses that cross over in this way.


There are also different kinds of Synaesthesia.

For some people words and letters have a specific taste or smell, for others each musical note or chord has a specific colour or colours, or a taste or smell.

With Grapheme Synaesthesia words, numbers and letters have specific colours.


5plus2equalsyellow copy


Up until just a few years ago I thought everyone experienced the world as colour in the way I do so I thought little of it.

Once I realised that it wasn’t really the norm, I started doing some research and discovered that actually there are people out there with this same sensory quirk who might not realise it is unusual. An estimated 1% of the population.

Nothing like a statistic to make you feel special!

I was amazed, once I posted about this on Facebook, many of you told me that you have the same or a similar experience. It was comforting to chat with some of you who share this wonderful oddity.


So why do we perceive the world this way?

Is it part of our awakening senses or is it how we are made?

According to research by neuroscientists at Oxford University people with Grapheme Synaesthesia have something quite different about their brains:


The researchers stimulated their subjects’ visual cortex using a method called transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Compared with normal subjects, people with the synesthesia required only one-third the stimulation to experience phosphenes, or transient flashes of light.

“We all have different thresholds in the brain, and synesthetes have a lower threshold,” said the study’s lead author, Devin Blair Terhune, a neuroscientist at Oxford.”

“We all associate numbers and colors to some extent. The study provides some interesting insight into how cortical excitability may be related to conscious awareness.”

– From ‘Getting a Handle on Why 4 Equals Green’ By SINDYA N. BHANOO (Published: November 21, 2011 in the New York Times)



(By the way Synaesthesia can be spelled either with or without the ‘a’ after the ‘n’)


So our brains are different!

That’s why we see lights and colours in response to certain stimulation…..fascinating.

I also believe the enhancement of our senses can occur after trauma, as part of our personal awakening and as part of the evolution of human consciousness.


Are you one of my fellow ‘colour sensers’?

Do leave a comment below and share your experiences. I’d love to hear from you!




I’ll be sharing a short, fun experiment with you soon to reveal how YOU might experience your world as colour.

luminaries colour conference copy

This will be part of my presentation ‘The Colours of Life’ on Saturday 23rd March 6pm EST (10pm GMT) at the free Luminaries Colour Conference which has been taking place throughout the month of March 2013 ONLINE HERE

I’d love you to come along and join in.

(We in the UK spell ‘Colour’ differently to those of you in the US, hence the variations above)



So how might Grapheme Synaesthesia or ‘colour sensing’ have a practical application?

What can you do with it other than simply enjoy it?

Having senses that cross over can enhance all your creative projects.

Research at the Institute of Psychology in bern, Switzerland in 2010 (Perception, 2010, volume 39, pages 718 – 720) found a higher percentage of Synaesthetes among art students.

Some of the the greatest artists have or had Grapheme Synaesthesia such as Wassily Kandinsky and David Hockney.

K3 Wassily Kandinsky Concentric Circles ‘Concentric Circles’ by Wassily Kandinsky (I had a poster of this painting on my wall at Uni when studying Art History)



TRY THIS FOR FUN: I have found it fascinating to try to paint the colours of a word or meaningful sentence.


The above image roughly captures how I see the colours of each of the letters in the word AWAKEN.

Below I turn this into a piece of artwork…

awaken copy


When I work and create this way, the energy of that meaningful word or sentence is infused into the painting.

The painting then becomes a symbol and transmitter of that meaning and energy.

Give it a go for yourself.



My choice of colours on my website, on my audio covers, in my artwork and in my newsletter for example are all influenced by my Grapheme Synaesthesia, which is really just a label for a way of perceiving the world beyond the usual way the 5 senses are experienced and where those senses cross over.

This awareness also seems to spill over into other areas of my life and work.

Do you find the same?

Let me know. Leave a comment below.



For example, emotions all have different colours to me.




When I pick up on someone’s emotions, I experience them not only as an empath; feeling them as my own but also as colours.

Anger, fear and jealousy for example are clouds of coloured energy that I see moving within people when they are feeling them. These emotional energy colours have a dull, opaque and sludgy quality to them whereas when they are feeling LOVE, the energy of that feeling is luminous, pearlescent and bursting with life.



I’m sure this quirk in my brain must have something to with my ability to ‘read’ soul essence colours and to perceive what Eckhart Tolle calls the ‘Pain Body’. All of this is jolly helpful to me as a sort of map of understanding when I am scanning someone’s energy, doing an Email Reading or Lightworker Skype Session.

What are some of the other ways that you interpret and experience every day life as colour?

I’d love to hear about your experiences and am excited to read your comments below.



And do stop by for my presentation ‘The Colours of Life’ on Saturday 23rd March 6pm EST (10pm GMT) at the free Luminaries Colour Conference ONLINE HERE

Bye for now.

Lots of love,

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