What is your Soul Purpose?




“What’s my Soul Purpose?”

It’s the question I’ve heard most often these past 17 years. We all want a clear answer, a job description, something the ego can grab hold of and run with, something the mind can make sense of.

Your Soul Purpose or path cannot be summed up in a clever 3 step process or ‘elevator pitch’. That’s the ego needing certainties. Soul doesn’t deal in certainties.


I’ve been using a metaphor with my clients for years that goes like this:

Think of when you are driving at night along a country lane. It’s dark. Your headlights only reveal the couple of hundred feet ahead of you, maybe even less than that. You have no idea what is beyond that. You can’t see beyond that. And yet, somehow you trust the road. You keep your foot on the accelerator anyway. You keep going anyway.

That is path.

That is how Soul Purpose unfolds.

One illuminated section at a time.

Trust the process and just keep going.

Let go of the need to go and just go with the flow.

*Do what lights your fire right now*.

What stirs your passion?

Where does your joy rise?

What are your gifts?

What is your wisdom about?

What makes you shine?

Sure there are deep ways for me to guide you to those answers and remind you of your own soul’s wisdom but the thing is those answers will always be changing. Each time you step forward you are on new ground.

The deep feminine unfolds that way. Breath by breath. From within.

So tend to what is right in front of you. Just take that next step.

Then as the next stretch of road lights up you take the next and the next. Never truly knowing where it will end up. Simply paying attention, following your heart and responding to what calls to be done.

That is path.

That is purpose.


Lots of love,

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(Above graphic quote is paraphrased from Joseph Campbell via Sarah Durham Wilson – With thanks)




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