Why sensitive souls lack confidence + 5 ways to turn that around


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As a sensitive soul I often feel overwhelmed by a busy and overstimulating world. I used to think I was failing because I couldn’t cope with it.

I used to get paranoid because I could feel what people were feeling and knew what they were thinking but they rarely showed it or admitted to it. It felt like dishonesty even when it wasn’t.

Somehow everyone else got the guide book of how to be in this world and I didn’t get a copy.

Can you relate?

These feelings of overwhelm and not fitting in can knock our confidence as sensitive empaths. In a world that celebrates stoicism and extroversion, being a quiet one who feels everything can make you feel ‘less than’. Our lack of confidence can also come from having forgotten that our ability to feel everything is a sign of being fully alive, present and ‘awake’. And that is a good thing!


Here are some new thoughts to take in and play with that could turn that around and help you see your sensitivity as the amazing gift it really is… 



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You are a wayshower, a pioneer and leader

Yes you are! You are like a canary down the mine, detecting and revealing where the world needs more love and kindness. You feel it before others do and can see the early warning signs of how things need to change. I believe human beings are evolving and awakening and our central nervous systems, brains and energy systems are evolving, upgrading and changing. You are there already! Lead the way. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what feels harsh or untrue to you. Thanks to you we will all benefit and live in a gentler, kinder world. REMEMBER.


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You bring beauty and depth to the world

History’s greatest teachers, artists, poets, writers, change agents were highly sensitive souls. They saw beauty where others did not and they brought wonder and grace and depth into the world, reminding us all of love and magic. Perhaps you can write about your experiences of being a high-feeling human and how you experience life or express it through art or music. Don’t assume that everyone is feeling and seeing what you are. They aren’t! You can make a difference. EXPRESS.




You are open to the magic

In a world focussed very much on gain, greed and the superficial physical things, your sensitive nature attunes you to how we are all connected, you notice the synchronicities and magical coincidences, you have an awareness of other realms and dimensions and are open-minded to things unseen. Embrace that. Celebrate it. Honour it and nurture it. As you do so you will help open the minds and hearts of others just by being yourself. STAY OPEN.




You can save the planet

If the planet needs saving at all it is from people who have forgotten that we are part of nature.  Thankfully you remember because you can feel it. You feel/see the souls of animals, the energy of trees and I know as sensitives we often feel the pain in our bodies of forests being torn down for no good reason. Your deep sense of how we are interwoven with the natural world and your love and honoring of Mother Earth is changing how people treat this planet already. Your very existence changes things. Read that again and take it in. Use your sensitivity to know where things need to change then act. And know your loving presence is already changing things.




You are a natural healer

You feel the pain of others. Often acutely. You know who is in pain behind the mask and so you know instantly where love is needed. Your ability to feel beneath the surface of things means you can gently make a difference in the lives of others simply with your kindness. This helps people feel seen, loved and validated. You have a gift. Know it. Use it. You are a natural healer. SEND LOVE.



Remember my sensitive friends, take good care of yourself first. We sensitive souls often care and feel sooooo much for others that we forget to look after ourselves. Put that oxygen mask on yourself first or you can’t help anyone.

Your sensitivity is a great gift. Whenever you feel your confidence drop or you feel like the odd one out or as if you don’t belong, come back and read this blog post!

Lots of love,
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I warmly appreciate all support right now. I’m unwell on a self-healing hiatus and am not earning. Thank you.



Thanks to the wonderful Jeff Foster for the main quote.
Images are royalty-free, open license images sourced via Google and free stock image websites.
Gorgeous crystal crown is from www.elementalchild.com




57 thoughts on “Why sensitive souls lack confidence + 5 ways to turn that around”

  1. Thank you my divine friend for this absolutely inspirational blog. I am always guided by the Angel’s to help others however; sometimes because I feel so sad due to feeling others emotions, it’s difficult. It’s delightful and refreshing to read articles such as yours that reminds me I am not alone, I am not the only one that can feel and see energy or even hear what others hearts are truly saying. Once again thank you. Much love and peace to you my divine friend!

  2. Thanks for coming back to remind yourself. You are not alone. Your sensitivity is your strength. You’re welcome here any time and I have a large and loving community of fellow sensitives who gather at my facebook page and via my mailing list, so make sure you’re signed up.
    K ♥

  3. Thank you for this … a new friend guided me here. This is my second “trip” back to remind myself that I am not the only person who is like this, uber sensitive and doubting myself. It hurts a lot sometimes, but it’s part of what makes me who I am and I just have to believe it’s OK.

  4. Dear Thomas,
    Thank you so much for stopping by to share your kind comments. I particularly appreciate it seeing as my website is oriented towards women. I can’t really speak for most men and their process but every now and then an open-hearted man as strong in his feminine energy as he is in his masculine energy comes along and really connects with what I’m doing and sees that it really is beyond gender when you get down to it. Thanks so much for being a brave, open man in this world. You are changing things just by being who you are.
    K ♥

  5. Thank You Kimberly…!
    Thank you for simply just being you and forging these words together in such a way as to express and explain why I am the way I am ams that’s its ok; that there isn’t anything wrong with me nor flawed. I’m just being exactly whom I’m suppose to be, a being of light, a conduit for others to see what I see; what I feel and to help them open their hearts, minds and souls to the magic that awaits us all once we open ourselves to the source.
    Beautifully written Kimberly, thank you once again
    Thomas Cunningham

  6. Thanks so much dear Heather,
    I really appreciate you sharing that and stopping by to read and comment. You are very welcome here. It breaks my heart when I hear how alone my brothers and sisters have been or how society or self-judgement makes them feel inadequate in some way. No more! My work with helping to normalise the spiritual/intuitive experience and change the healthcare system so our natural gifts are no longer seen as symptoms of illness will start to change things collectively. Sensitives, empaths, intuitives, emerging mystics will start to know there is nothing wrong with them and feel the courage to be fully themselves without fear of being mocked or medicated. It will take time but we can all play a part in getting to know and love ourselves just as we are and to learn how to thrive with our gifts and sensitive nature.
    Much love to you.
    K ♥

  7. Wow Lynda,
    That’s wonderful! Thank you! Sooooo lovely to hear. Yay!
    Sensitives ROCK 🙂
    K ♥

  8. Thanks Ivonne,
    That’s it exactly. This post contains gentle reminders and validations to help boost confidence in sensitives.
    K ♥

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment Chris. I’m sorry you missed the guidance in the points. I do work more with feminine energy, using inspiration, encouragement and encoded words offering healing and a new perspective to help shift things for people on an inner level (I heal with words) but there are also key action steps in each point within the post. Go back and have another read.
    K ♥

  10. Thanks Zulfiqar,
    Yes speaking our truth and finding ways to do that is important. We sensitive souls have been squashed and lost confidence at times. It isn’t our job to *convince* others of who we are or of our worth but certainly self-acceptance can bring confidence and self-expression. Sometimes that confidence gives us the courage to finally walk away from those unhealthy relationships that may never change.
    Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.
    K ♥

  11. Thanks Judi, isn’t it wonderful when we realise we are not wrong and that we are not alone.
    K ♥

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I’m so sorry to hear how you have been treated. I know this is common for many sensitives and empaths. Perhaps knowing why we are how we are, realising we are not alone and that it is a wonderful gift, we can start to bring confidence and courage to open up and flourish.
    K ♥

  13. Hi Shauntel,
    That is so WONDERFUL to hear! Thank you. It’s so true that we can get paralysed by fear and confidence and courage can come when we understand and accept ourselves. Thank you for commenting.
    K ♥

  14. Thanks so much Nuzhat,
    I am truly happy it has helped you. I appreciate you reading and for taking the time to let me know that.
    K ♥

  15. Wow. My pleasure. It’s an honour. Sooo glad it helped you that much. I find that very moving.
    K ♥

  16. LOL Denise. I agree! 🙂 Some people actively avoid me when they have something going on they are hiding and don’t want me knowing about! Not realising I sense it from a distance anyway! So glad you enjoyed this blog post and I really appreciate you commenting and sharing your thoughts.
    K ♥

  17. Hi Jo,
    Thanks so much for reading my post and for stopping by to comment. Much appreciated. I’m so glad it helped you.
    K ♥

  18. Aw thanks Raka, so happy we found each other. Isn’t it magical how that happens? Resonance and attraction etc. Thanks for stopping by!
    K ♥

  19. Hi Lori,
    I’m so pleased to hear you found this post so validating and reassuring. That is my intention in all my work. You are not alone, there are millions of us but many are in hiding, judging themselves. I share your dream. We can do our bit to create that in our little bit of the world and hope it sends out ripples.
    K ♥

  20. Thanks Alisha. Yes that can happen. It’s up to us to retrain the people around us. Our strength comes from accepting who we are and seeing it is a strength and then standing up for ourselves and possibly walking away from those people who don’t accept and respect us. We teach other people how to treat us by what we are willing to put up with.
    K ♥

  21. That’s so wonderful to hear Karleen! Yay! Thanks so much for visiting my site and for commenting.
    K ♥

  22. Hi Tony,
    Thanks so much for taking time to comment and I admire your ‘student’s mind’ approach and your openness to growth. YES your sensitivity is your strength for sure. Yes thanks for the tip about narcissists. I have experienced this personally as an empath and am seeing more articles online about this destructive relationship type and how we sensitives need to stay mindful of it.
    K ♥

  23. Only in the last few days I questioned family and friends of the type of characteristics I portray to them. All of them said I have a sensitive nature, I believed it was a weakness so I tried to avoid my own judgment of myself. I’m 49. ‘Every day is a school day’… Thank you for this article, I’m learning more about myself now. If I may leave some advice! Read about ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’. The sensitive kind are magnetic to them.

  24. Thank you Kimberly for helping me to feel validated and the reminder that sensitive people are healers. I have often felt like the odd one out. Your reassurance that it’s part of being sensitive was very comforting to me.

  25. Kimberley!
    When u try to speak up, people will shove their ass in to ur face. U r the quiet one so be quiet, that remains the attitude.

  26. Wow! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know that other people feel the same. My dream is for a cruelty free, compassionate and honest world. That would be a world for me.

  27. thank you kimberley. don’t know how you came my way, but the feeling of you is lovely. i no longer have a plan or an agenda; but am more than willing to join in the unity upon us.

  28. I will indeed save this post, and thank you Kimberley for shedding some light on my understanding of myself. I’ve recently ‘discovered’ that I’ve always been an empath and it comes as such a relief because it explains everything about the way I experience the world. Sending blessings and thanks to you.

  29. Love this! I’m so glad I’ve stopped listening to the people who tell me I’m to sensitive and realized what an amazing gift it is. I think some people in my life would be uncomfortable to be around me if they new that I knew what they were thinking and feeling. I know I would be if I were them!

  30. This gives me hope! Thank you for confirmimg the way I have felt my whole lifetime on earth.

  31. Exactly wat I was looking for…jus wen I felt I was a car parked diagonally in a parallel universe…you showed me the way. Thank you Kimberley

  32. I appreciate this expression!

    I am super sensitive in many ways and am just realizing the extents of my sensitivities. This realization has spark a “courage journey”, which is a season in life where I allow myself to evoke my courage and allow myself to be confident in my overall expression. I have spent so many years feeling everything and not being able to find other that could relate that I didn’t realize how I was paralyzed by fear and misunderstanding.

    It is simple forthright expressions such as this one you have offered here that assist me in finding my inner strength each step of the way.


  33. Thanks Kimberly for this beautiful insight that i had been failing to see. I had been ridiculed all my life for being sensitive and deep inside i had always known that I was seeing world with a different perspective. I wish the world is not so quick to belittle us sensitive souls, but I would rather be sensitive than not be one at sll. Blessings.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing! It is heartening to connect with others that share the feelings that I have always had.

  35. Hi Kimberly,

    Your illustrations are truly sensitive and really touching my soul.

    It’s a great advise to all, who feels like what you have elaborated here that, expressing our feelings and observations is always difficult. Because it is mostly rejected as being impractical or utopian thoughts in this materials centered industrialized world. So, I think sensitive people need to use or build effective communication skills while expressing their views.

    Last but not least, being part if the male segment of the human race, I would also want to say that Sensitive souls, though very little in percentage, but they do exist everywhere in the world no matter what sex, race, religion or land they belong to.


  36. It’s nice to know somebody else can relate to these feelings, but how in any way, did this article suggest ways to gain confidence from these talking points or how to apply them?… Either I missed it, or it wasn’t actuall there.

  37. Thank you for writing and sharing such a great article, it’s comforting to receive
    Gentle reminders of how to embrace being sensitive…Namaste

  38. The best article I’ve read so far about sensitives – you sure you weren’t writing this exclusively for me, (’cause it sure felt that way (pun intended 😉 )!! Thank you so much for making me feel proud and even excited about my gift of being an empath!!

  39. It has been a long time since something I’ve read has hit me, both in the eyes and in the heart. Everything you’ve described here…it all resonates so deeply. I am a sensitive, struggling every day with my calling of helping other survivors get to a better place. I have to frequently pull away from social media, due to the overload to my soul of all of the bad, when I’m searching for the good to share with others. I wish I had read this even years ago when I knew what people were really feeling, but they would either deny, lie, or shun me because I made them uncomfortable.
    Thank you for writing this, and I’ll be continuing to follow your work and your words.
    <3, Heather

  40. Thanks Kimberley, your messages always touch my heart at the time I need to hear them. Thanks for being so open and transparent it helps me have the courage to do the same. Xo

  41. Thank you dear Mary, for all your love and support.
    Love and hugs,
    Kimberley ♥

  42. I hope I do Trisha, that makes me happy. Thank you.
    Lots of love,
    Kimberley ♥

  43. Thanks so much Diana! I’m so glad you found me. I do think love is the key. Bless you.
    Big (((HUG))).
    Kimberley ♥

  44. Kimberley,

    You are a beautiful soul. I don’t remember how I found you but I do know Hayhouse would be lucky to have you. When doubts start to set in let it rant then take a deep breath and ask yourself what your heart knows. Let your love shine out for the world to see. We are right behind you!! With gratitude love and light. Diana

  45. Thanks Kimberley .
    Absolutely true. I sometimes wobble also and reminders bring me back . Fab blog.
    Lots of love.
    Sarah X

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