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As a sensitive soul I often feel overwhelmed by a busy and overstimulating world. I used to think I was failing because I couldn’t cope with it.

I used to get paranoid because I could feel what people were feeling and knew what they were thinking but they rarely showed it or admitted to it. It felt like dishonesty even when it wasn’t.

Somehow everyone else got the guide book of how to be in this world and I didn’t get a copy.

Can you relate?

These feelings of overwhelm and not fitting in can knock our confidence as sensitive empaths. In a world that celebrates stoicism and extroversion, being a quiet one who feels everything can make you feel ‘less than’. Our lack of confidence can also come from having forgotten that our ability to feel everything is a sign of being fully alive, present and ‘awake’. And that is a good thing!


Here are some new thoughts to take in and play with that could turn that around and help you see your sensitivity as the amazing gift it really is… 



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You are a wayshower, a pioneer and leader

Yes you are! You are like a canary down the mine, detecting and revealing where the world needs more love and kindness. You feel it before others do and can see the early warning signs of how things need to change. I believe human beings are evolving and awakening and our central nervous systems, brains and energy systems are evolving, upgrading and changing. You are there already! Lead the way. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what feels harsh or untrue to you. Thanks to you we will all benefit and live in a gentler, kinder world. REMEMBER.


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You bring beauty and depth to the world

History’s greatest teachers, artists, poets, writers, change agents were highly sensitive souls. They saw beauty where others did not and they brought wonder and grace and depth into the world, reminding us all of love and magic. Perhaps you can write about your experiences of being a high-feeling human and how you experience life or express it through art or music. Don’t assume that everyone is feeling and seeing what you are. They aren’t! You can make a difference. EXPRESS.




You are open to the magic

In a world focussed very much on gain, greed and the superficial physical things, your sensitive nature attunes you to how we are all connected, you notice the synchronicities and magical coincidences, you have an awareness of other realms and dimensions and are open-minded to things unseen. Embrace that. Celebrate it. Honour it and nurture it. As you do so you will help open the minds and hearts of others just by being yourself. STAY OPEN.




You can save the planet

If the planet needs saving at all it is from people who have forgotten that we are part of nature.  Thankfully you remember because you can feel it. You feel/see the souls of animals, the energy of trees and I know as sensitives we often feel the pain in our bodies of forests being torn down for no good reason. Your deep sense of how we are interwoven with the natural world and your love and honoring of Mother Earth is changing how people treat this planet already. Your very existence changes things. Read that again and take it in. Use your sensitivity to know where things need to change then act. And know your loving presence is already changing things.




You are a natural healer

You feel the pain of others. Often acutely. You know who is in pain behind the mask and so you know instantly where love is needed. Your ability to feel beneath the surface of things means you can gently make a difference in the lives of others simply with your kindness. This helps people feel seen, loved and validated. You have a gift. Know it. Use it. You are a natural healer. SEND LOVE.



Remember my sensitive friends, take good care of yourself first. We sensitive souls often care and feel sooooo much for others that we forget to look after ourselves. Put that oxygen mask on yourself first or you can’t help anyone.

Your sensitivity is a great gift. Whenever you feel your confidence drop or you feel like the odd one out or as if you don’t belong, come back and read this blog post!

Lots of love,
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I warmly appreciate all support right now. I’m unwell on a self-healing hiatus and am not earning. Thank you.



Thanks to the wonderful Jeff Foster for the main quote.
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