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NO matter what your beliefs are around past lives, many women as they awaken start to experience flashbacks, fears and visions that make no sense. Women who have never even vaguely been interested in Wicca or Witchcraft start having ‘memories’ bubble up about meeting a messy end as a Witch.




As we shift from ego to soul are we tapping into a collective consciousness? A collective, energetic memory?

What I know for sure is I work with a lot of women who are having what I call the ‘Witch Wound’ now come to the surface.

It is holding them back. Keeping them frozen in time unable to move forward into their purpose.

In my FEMININE MYSTICS RISING facebook group we’ve been chatting a lot about this topic lately. It never ceases to amaze me, the extent of the shared experience.



The phrase I hear over and over again is this:

“I’m afraid that if I stick my head over the parapet and speak my truth, show myself, then I’ll be attacked or worse”



Many of my clients feel very sensitive around their neck and throat or have what feel like memories of being burned, drowned or strangled. They feel really uncomfortable even with the word ‘Witch’ but don’t know why. 

Tens of thousands of men and woman across Europe have been killed, accused of being Witches and/or contradicting the accepted church of the time. Whether they were actually using Witchcraft or not, many were killed simply for being intuitive, using herbs medicinally or for being free-thinkers. So when I speak of the ‘Witch Wound’ it isn’t the Hollywood and Halloween version of Witch I’m referring to.



The thing is, whether it is sourced in a past life or not, our grandmothers’ generation actually were attacked for trying to speak out and find their voice.

Women were killed when campaigning to get the vote. Right now women and girls are still being killed just because they want to be heard and to have an education. Not that long ago women who were passionate, free-spirited or navigating the rite of passage of menopause were hospitalised, often in a secure unit, and diagnosed with ‘Hysteria’. It’s not such a vague, ethereal thing after all. The Witch Wound or feminine wound is a highly rational response to real experiences that are still happening now as well as in the recent past.



In terms of our intuitive gifts, many women are still hiding in the ‘Spiritual Closet’, again for very good reason.

We live in a world that still does not wholly respect the feminine intuitive gifts. Symptoms of awakening and mystical transformation are often misdiagnosed as mental health issues and medicated, thus suppressing the awakening process. No wonder we’ve been afraid to talk openly about our gifts and experiences.


So in the face of all that, how as women are we supposed to rise anyway?



Healing the Witch Wound and stepping out of the Spiritual Closet is an ongoing process to stay aware of as you step up as a spiritual woman into your authentic feminine power. It really is the healing work of our time. The feminine wound runs deep.



Healing the feminine wounds and rising to SHINE depends on an inner alchemy of two things: COURAGE + SELFHOOD



Selfhood is self-care, self-love, learning how to manage your energy as an empathic and gifted woman, how to tap into your intuition and express your creativity and rise in your feminine power. And it is very different from the word ‘Selfish’.



When courage and selfhood meet, magic happens for a woman. It is the space where your deepest feminine aspect makes love with your inner masculine.



Lots of love,
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Also check out the work of the amazing Lisa Lister and her latest book Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. which I believe speaks about the Witch Wound beautifully. I intentionally haven’t read it yet (I’m bursting to!) because I’m working on my own book and want to make sure I’m writing completely from my own experience, intuition and research.