witch wound

(Little pink broomstick – A gift from my friend Emma and her Il Camino pilgrimage)


Do you find yourself hiding your oracle card decks when your Mother visits?

Are you silent about your spiritual beliefs around your Church friends?

Do you go through waves of panic and fear just thinking about stepping out of the Spiritual Closet and doing the healing/intuitive/psychic/spiritual work you’ve always wanted to do?

Have you realised that your mental and physical health suffers when you suppress your true self, intuitive/healing gifts and abilities?

If you answered YUP! then you’re probably experiencing what I describe as the ‘Witch Wound’.



I know all things witchy are in fashion right now, but the truth of the Witch Wound has been around for generations and has emerged more clearly for me in my 15+ years of deep healing work with thousands of women all over the world in my private healing practice.

The Witch Wound showed up in countless intuitive energy scans of women’s energy fields, it whispered to me from past lives, from my ancestors, from deep Shamanic conversations with the collective consciousness.

The wider Witch Wound became clear to me when I started to see how modern medicine pathologises intense human/spiritual experiences and has historically medicated and even imprisoned those demonstrating mystical capabilities.



The Witch Wound runs deep in our modern culture, in education, parenting, healthcare, relationships, business, religion and finances.

It isn’t specific to those practicing modern Witchcraft, let me just be clear about that. It is the psychic scar in the collective consciousness that (mostly) women start to awaken to and feel deeply in their bodies as soon as they consider stepping into their power.

It’s the deeply held shock stored in the shared subconscious ‘memory’ of the thousands of people murdered all over the world for ‘Witchcraft’ when many of them simply held beliefs outside the accepted religion of the day (such as honouring cycles of the moon, using herbs for health issues, chanting and meditating, believing in the spirit world etc).

It is at the heart of the feminine wound (in both men and women) which along with the Witch Wound includes what I call the ‘Bitch Wound’ and the ‘Magdalene Wound’.

The Witch Wound is what pits women against each other, competing and comparing one another, stealing each other’s ideas and dishonouring each other. It is the fear that arises when one of our friends, relatives or colleagues opens up about their psychic gifts or interests and we freak out and start judging and shaming them (not wishing to be tarred with the witchy brush and sent to the gallows alongside them).

In mainstream school education it is the omission of spiritual teachings and development of intuition and subtle/spiritual energy management, a complete avoidance of the Feminine or of any genuine development of creativity, intuition, inspired thought.

In medicine it is the ignorance and fear of the anomolous experience and a system that offers labels and medications to people going through a spiritual/transformational experience. It is the imbalance in how men and women are treated in healthcare.


When your throat closes over when you stand up to speak or face up to authority, that’s the Witch Wound closing your throat Chakra, it’s the shared memory of thousands of spiritual brothers and sisters being hanged and persecuted for generations of going against the grain.

In my years coaching awakening women to navigate their emergence into their power and purpose it was the Witch Wound that arose with every step forward to challenge growth. It’s similar to what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the ‘pain body’. Every step forward in a client’s life or business saw the Witch Wound surface to be felt and dealt with in various forms.

It can show up as resistance, fear, self-sabotage, procrastination or out-and-out flashbacks and cellular memories arising in the body as health issues.

It is the insidious fear that erased women from religious history, it is the lack of awareness behind the misdiagnosis and medication of our mystics, it is the fear that keeps women from being who they really are and being fully in their feminine power.



In my own life and family it is the Witch Wound that kept my Mum practising her Tarot and Tea Leaves and spiritual counselling secretly behind closed doors.

It affected my father too; his ego could not cope with my Mum’s fierce intuitive gifts or her long lineage, it brought rage out in him, he felt threatened by her power. When my own abilities started to really open up around age 5 that was more than he could handle. We feared for our lives. (Past life playing out?)

Because Mum feared her own gifts and how powerfully people (my Dad) reacted to them she decided I was not to follow the path. So I went another route and didn’t receive the natural grounding and psychic apprenticeship I’d have been given in a lineage free from the Witch Wound. As a result, when my Mum died and the lineage transmission occurred I had a Spiritual Crisis, it was too much for my unprepared system to cope with.



The Patriarchy perpetuates the wider Witch Wound, it controls through fear.

As we start to awaken we challenge the status quo. As the world wakes up to love, healing arts, intuitive abilities, deep awareness, new science, other dimensions, free power, the Goddess etc, it is the Witch Wound that rises in us all.

Growth brings up anything that might hold us back.

Love brings up anything that is not love.

Awakening women bring up the Witch Wound in themselves and others and all it does is perpetuate the Patriarchy if left unchecked.

We can let ourselves be controlled by the fear and wound of the past OR we can feel it, honour its source, face it and heal it.



How do you heal the Witch Wound?

Well that’s a lifetime’s work and my book-in-progress (Healing the Witch Wound TM) but you can read more in related posts (see links below). For now I’ll say that simply seeing it for what it is can be hugely healing. Knowing it’s just old energy and long-held memory can also help us to let it go.

Noticing how it might be showing up in your life, relationships and community is a huge start.

Seeing the reactions of those around you when you speak up or step up as a woman.

Noticing the prejudice and fears about all things mystical.

Seeing how it might be holding you back from setting up your spiritual business.

These are all ways to start to seeing it and therefore healing it.



We will rise regardless.

The Witches, the healers, teachers and artists, the intuitives and mystics, the wise men and women. Together we will honour those that went before, we will honour them by not hiding, by not being ashamed, we will honour them by showing up, speaking up, working together and by being who we came here to be. We will honour them by being free.

Lots of love,



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Also check out the work of the amazing Lisa Lister and her latest book Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. which I believe speaks about the Witch Wound beautifully. I intentionally haven’t read it yet (I’m bursting to!) because I’m working on my own book and want to make sure I’m writing completely from my own experience, intuition and research.