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There are many reasons why women hold themselves back from stepping into their full potential but as Venus goes into retrograde let’s look at one of the biggies.

As a woman starts to awaken and her consciousness expands she begins to tap into the collective experience and shared ‘pain body’ of woman.

Every month with our cycle we tap even deeper into that shared sisterhood experience.

As her passion and purpose begin to stir within her she faces the dark places that hold us all back.

One of which is the fear of what happens when an awakened woman decides to “put her head above the parapet” and dare to be seen.



The legacy of disempowered and abused women is felt by all of us, carried by all of us, whether you like it or not.

The moment an awakening woman sticks her hand up and declares she will live a life of purpose, aligned with her feminine power and gifts, she rouses the shadow of all that has gone before and held us back.

Only a few generations ago over 40,000 people across Europe were slaughtered as ‘Witches’ because they worked with herbs, the energies of the land or with intuition.

This wound runs deep.

Even today in modern life there is prejudice and ridicule, medical misdiagnosis and religious and cultural condemnation of the non-physical and mystical.

It still takes bloody courage to stand up as a woman in your innate gifts and powers.



You may not be drowned or burned at the stake but there are still plenty of messages and mindsets seeking to suppress the power of woman.

Only this week Instagram banned the use of the word #Goddess as it has been used too many times as a tag for explicit and pornographic images of women. Still the Goddess is being abused and misused, leading to her suppression, even on social media! (Please create Instagram posts and use the tag #BringBackTheGoddess)




So no wonder when a woman decides to heed the call of her soul and to step up to be seen, perhaps expressing her calling and sharing her gifts via an Intuitive Business, massive fear and resistance can surface.

Another way I talk about this is as women stepping out of the ‘Spiritual Closet’. I spoke about this at a conference many years ago and it resonated deeply with thousands of you.

What I call ‘The Witch Wound’ can hold women back from wealth. By wealth I mean prosperity that is not just for her alone and not just financial. I mean wealth of joy, fulfillment, love, self-esteem, serving others, providing for herself and her family and of serving the greater whole.

The Witch Wound keeps us in hiding, toeing the line, playing it safe and playing small.

Healing the Witch Wound starts with……



Acknowledging whether this wound is holding you back in your own life.



Noticing how it is affecting you right now. Is there a truth you are not sharing? A step you are not taking out of fear? Is there something you’d love to do in your life but are afraid of how others will react?



Do you have intuitive knowings, gifts and abilities that you are hiding? Why? What are your personal concerns?



Take a moment to notice where these fears are sitting in your body or energy fields. Just feel and notice it as physical sensations in your body. Don’t get pulled into the mental narrative. Just notice and feel where any fear is held within your body.



Place your hand over this place if you can and offer soothing love and comfort as you might a beloved child or animal. Feel the warmth and soothing from your own hand.



Breathe into this place inside you. Breathe into any sensations. Breathe through any emotions that surface. Don’t seek to fix or analyse anything, just breathe into it.



Then gently begin to self-soothe and transform the energy of this wound with mantras such as: “I am safe. It is now safe for me to be all I can be. It is now safe for me step out of the Spiritual Closet. I am supported and loved.”



Do this daily for 21 days as you start to take small action steps towards the life you are here to live.

With every small step into your truth come back to the above practice as new layers of healing opportunities present themselves.

Stepping up and out as an awakening, sensitive, intuitive woman will always bring stuff up for you. Having a good practice to transform the old wounds and to self-soothe will keep you moving forward and help you to keep growing and being all you came here to be.

Bit by bit we can each help to heal the Witch Wound not just for us individually but for our soulful sisterhood.

We are awakening together.


Lots of love,

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Also check out the work of the amazing Lisa Lister and her latest book Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. which I believe speaks about the Witch Wound beautifully. I intentionally haven’t read it yet (I’m bursting to!) because I’m working on my own book and want to make sure I’m writing completely from my own experience, intuition and research.