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Kimberley Jones truly is a renaissance woman! A multi award-winning writer and pioneer of modern spiritual mentoring and soulful business for women, she is also a published poet, a professional spiritual artist who has exhibited internationally, a Sacred Feminine designer, a Tarot Reader, a filmmaker and a best-selling author from the South Devon coast in the UK.

Kimberley coined the now popular term 'Witch Wound' decades ago and is the founder and pioneer of Healing the Witch Wound® work, now being taught all over the world.

With an early career background in marketing, creative thinking, customer service and research and development, from Blue Chip global corporations to an independent spiritual bookshop, Kimberley wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and has done hundreds of jobs over the years before finding her calling, from managing teams of visionaries, being a personal assistant to a global thought leader, to working in factories, making beds and cleaning toilets!


A lifelong student of Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Human Behavioural Sciences, Kimberley is a highly sensitive 'energy intuitive' able to read and interpret the information in personal and collective consciousness and in 'the field'.


She has over 20 years of experience in deep 1-to-1 work helping tens of thousands of women from all over the world navigate psycho-spiritual transformation and the healing and embodiment of the Feminine. Many years of this work was done in a doctor-run private practice in an Integrative Medicine Clinic in the UK as well as working globally online and by phone.

Kimberley also spent years immersed full-time in deep training and healing, living and working with spiritual teachers, a Shaman, a psychic CEO and learning from one of the fathers of modern transformational breathwork. She has lived this work. It was at that time, over 20 years ago, that she helped organise 2 global conferences on spirituality in business and transforming our world, gathering together hundreds of industry leaders, CEOs, health workers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, creatives and visionaries from all over the world to seed conscious transformational practices into all walks of life, service and business.

She is the creator of a global peace movement: 'One Minute for Peace, The Quantum Peace Project' which gathered over 8000 people together for a synchronised global energy meditation based on the 'Extended Maharishi Effect' which states that it only takes the square root of 1% of any population to shift the consciousness of the whole of that population (this was many years ago, before global online meditations were as common). The 'Pause for Peace' energy meditation is now being taught in schools all over the world. She trained as a Quantum Activist with Quantum Physicist Dr Amit Goswami in order to create the peace project.


On a more personal note Kimberley comes from humble beginnings and has experienced poverty, abuse, multiple bereavements, Trauma, Spiritual Emergency and 25 years of chronic illness and disabling health challenges.

Born into a long line of wise and wounded Clairvoyant Mediums, Witches and Tarot Readers Kimberley is the founding pioneer of ‘Healing the Witch Wound’™ work. She coined and finally owned the specific term 'Witch Wound' in around 1999, after decades of writing about it and resisting messages from Spirit. Kimberley had observed the Witch Wound and its direct impact on her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and specifically on their health and ability to thrive.

Her own extraordinary Shamanic initiation, encounters with the Divine Mother and Mary Magdalane, spiritual emergence, awakening experiences and psychic gifts have been the subject of psychological and paranormal doctorate research and her experiences are featured in several books, including those by Transpersonal Psychologist Steve Taylor and Eckhart Tolle.

As part of the research and development team for the UK Spiritual Crisis Network, Kimberley has been part of a movement to destigmatise spiritual experiences within allopathic medicine and mental health services. She believes the rise in 'spiritual emergency' experiences is connected with patriarchal suppression of the Feminine, and our lost indigenous and aboriginal wisdom and ability to heal and stay connected to ourselves, each other and the web of life.

Kimberley also featured in a BBC documentary on holistic healing and wrote for a book series alongside The Dalai Lama and Dr Bruce Lipton and has spoken at global summits with the thought leaders and teachers of our age, including Shaman Alberto Villoldo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr Judith Orloff, Marci Shimoff and Lisa Nichols.


After many years serving globally as a world-renowned teacher Kimberley experienced burn-out and stepped back from her work.


Her own self-healing path and studies led her into a deeper understanding of personal, collective and trans-generational trauma and epigenetics, narcissistic abuse, the societal wound caused by patriarchy and domination culture and its contribution to chronic health conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Complex PTSD.


Her specialty is the 'Witch Wound', part of the feminine wound, and the ancestral, collective impact of the burning times and patriarchal trauma on women, trans women, non-binary people and on our world today. Kimberley was recently guest lecturer at New York University teaching a class to Applied Psychology undergrads on 'Women and Witches' as part of a women's mental health semester.


Kimberley is described as a visionary "wise beyond her years" with a deep understanding of the bigger picture of the evolution of human consciousness. She sees clearly how our gradual split from the Great Mother and our feminine wisdom and power under patriarchy has led to the state of the world today and how our return to embodied wholeness and world peace will come through the restoration of the Feminine and her conscious partnership and union with the Masculine.

Kimberley Jones is a Sacred Feminine Mystic, a Soul Midwife and a Seer. A Priestess of the Rose initiated into the teachings of Mary Magdalene several times during her life.

She is here at this time to help us unweave internalised patriarchy, tend to cultural trauma, reclaim our power, come home to ourselves and embody the light, reviving and expressing the suppressed gifts, creativity, magic and wisdom of the Goddess our world so desperately needs now. Bringing the sacred into daily life.


Her work and wisdom is rooted in direct, lived experience, woven together with deep intuitive knowing and medicine transmissions she has received during mystical initiations, all further grounded in decades of study, integration, embodiment and front line service to tens of thousands of women all over the world.


She is here in service of our collective remembrance. 


Kimberley lives in South Devon, UK, between the wilds of the moor and the sea and is currently writing a book and making a documentary about the Healing the Witch Wound™.



Lightworker of the Year (Lightworker Magazine)

Top 50 Women's Empowerment Blogs (Institute of Psychology of Eating)

Top 15 Influencers in Human Potential on Twitter (SAP Business Innovation)

Global Luminary (Inspire Me Today)

Top 100 spiritual women (Diviner Life)


B.A.(Hons) History of Design and the Visual Arts, with social and political history.

Diploma Transpersonal Psychology

Diploma Ancestral Healing, Trauma and Epigenetics

Certificate Supporting Someone Through Spiritual Emergency

Certificate Creative Kinesiology Life Tracking

Certificate Transformational Facilitator

Certificate Quantum Activism

Certificate Feminine Business Management, ILM

3rd Degree Reiki Master Healer



Energy Mastery

Creative Thinking


Body Language

Reading Auras

Circle Facilitation


Psychic Development

Energy Medicine



Relaxation for Women

Chakra Healing

CBT Sleep Therapy and Behavioural Medicine

Transformational Breathwork/Rebirthing

Spirituality in Business

Colour Therapy

Writer's Bureau Training

Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung

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