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Kimberley is not currently accepting any more Healing clients.  If you are looking for insights, guidance and reassurance on your path please book a TAROT READING.

Thank you.



In these Healing the Witch Wound (HTWW) sessions with me, Kimberley, pioneer of this work, you will go deeper, unweaving internalised patriarchy, remembering your magic, coming out of the broom closet and reclaiming your power.


Each HTWW session is bespoke, uniquely designed just for you, intuitively in the moment, as I read your energy and tune into your soul. 


Our 60 minutes together can include you being guided in one or several of the following:

Breathwork, Somatic Shamanic healing journey through your body, guided meditations, Energy Psychology practices, movement, vocal sounding, art-healing practices or ritual. Sessions might also include channeled wisdom and Reiki transmissions. The intention is to activate the intelligent healing power and magic within you to transform the witch wound, so your deep cellular memory of the lost ways of women is re-activated within, calling forth the sacred feminine codes from your ancestors and re-weaving the Goddess MA-trix back into your being.

HTWW sessions can help you if you have experienced the following:


  • Fear of being seen, mocked, attacked, rejected if you speak up or show up

  • Not trusting your intuition and psychic abilities

  • Feeling disconnected from your body

  • Feeling foggy, lost and stuck around your path or purpose

  • Issues with silencing your voice, fear of speaking up, croaking in your throat, thyroid issues

  • Terror around psychic and clairvoyant practices

  • Mockery and mistrust of mediums and intuitives

  • Unexplainable rage at men, the ‘system’ and authorities

  • Fear of fire, water, confined spaces, wearing anything tight around your neck

  • Partner or family are afraid, critical or judgemental of your spiritual and mystical interests

  • You find it hard to trust other women or to maintain genuine and close friendships with other women

  • You feel you are in competition with other women, comparing yourself with them

  • You are a people-pleaser and over-giver who finds it hard to ask for help or to receive help, gifts or compliments

  • You regularly burn out with adrenal exhaustion from driving and striving, rushing and pushing and never stopping

  • You feel guilty if you rest and do something nice for yourself

  • You struggle with anxiety, insomnia, addictions, self-medication, panic attacks

  • Your body feels numb or like it is separate from you, like watching yourself from the outside

  • You hide your true feelings, wisdom and intuitive knowings

  • You hide your oracle and tarot card decks from other people when they visit

  • You tell people you’re on a work training course when you’re really on a magical/healing retreat

  • You find it almost impossible to use the word Witch to describe yourself

  • You have poor boundaries and find it hard to say no. As a result you get angry and hurt when other people say no and set boundaries with you

  • You find yourself avoiding clothes that might look too ‘woo woo’ or make you stand out as a spiritual and witchy woman

  • Vivid dreams or 'flashbacks' of the witch hunts

  • Strange sensations in your body or strong emotions when you see or read anything about the witch trails and the 'burning times'



My skill set and decades of training and experience is vast, deep and varied (see ABOUT KIMBERLEY for more information). So no two sessions are the same. I am also a trauma-informed guide. These sessions do not seek to lead you into inherited or past life memory of the witch hunts, this is not necessary to effect deep and lasting healing of the witch wound and can actually be re-traumatising. Ancestral healing and past-life resolution can be done in much gentler ways that are easier to integrate and keep you grounded and present in your body and life now.


PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not a substitute for professional therapy or medical help.

Kimberley is often booked up months in advance and also regularly takes rest breaks for her wellbeing. Book now to secure a spot. Please also join her mailing list and follow Kimberley on social media for latest updates or last minute cancellations that may become available. (See links and sign up form below).

sophia st villier2_edited.jpg

It was very powerful for me. It showed me how I'd disempowered myself by taking on others disapproval….I feel like I've called pieces of myself back. I feel bigger. I feel a quiet confidence in myself and relief that I'm not crazy. You have a beautiful gift and treat yourself and others with such reverence.  Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

lucy faith_edited.jpg

Kimberley is so wise. She can really hold you in a safe space and channel the answers to move you out of a struggle. She really understands and has lots of wisdom…... She is warm, nurturing and very honest

rosemary innes_edited.jpg

I'm more focused and in my power. The energy of your work is so clear and strong and tangible. Thank you for your love and support dear Sista

Kay Starr_edited.jpg

Kay Starr

The session has left me feeling validated, affirmed, reassured, settled, seen, expanded, on purpose, confident, sure, open, willing, centred, rooted, grounded, elevated, inspired, supported, calm, peaceful, patient, relaxed, relieved, planted in history and lineage, belonging, globally connected, enveloped in love and meaning, guided, held, empowered, appreciative, grateful, blessed, free and profoundly loved.



60 minutes by voice call.

£111 GBP payable in advance
(no refunds).

1. Email Kimberley via the booking button below with your questions or intentions for a Healing the Witch Wound session. Share a bit about you and why you want help. 

2. If you feel good to proceed, Kimberley sends you a payment link with the price and currency (£111 gbp) already set up. If you'd like to check the latest exchange rates click here.

You don't need to convert the currency, simply click the payment link that has been set up for you. Payment secures your booking in the next available slot in Kimberley's schedule (or whichever available date suits you best). This is arranged via email with Kimberley.

3. You then arrange the best way to chat. The options are: Phone (UK only. Kimberley calls you); Telegram or Signal (apps you will need to have downloaded to your device prior to the call and to have connected with Kimberley via the app prior to the call to ensure you are all set up).

PLEASE NOTE: Healing the Witch Wound sessions are a full guided healing journey which may require you to lay down comfortably and where you will not be disturbed. Sessions are not recorded.

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