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Kimberley is not currently accepting any more mentoring clients.  If you are looking for insights, guidance and reassurance on your path please book a TAROT READING.

Thank you.



If you've been doubting yourself, your gifts or your path, please know it is no accident you have found your way to me. Goddess always brings the right people my way at exactly the right moment. 


I'm here to help you reconnect with that part of yourself that knows and trusts, both yourself and life. I will help you overcome the fears of being seen, to reclaim your power and remember your own internal magic.


I help root you back into a safe ground of being within your body that brings deep relief and a sense of peace and encouragement and certainty that you are on track, that you can do it, that you are not alone, crazy or making this up, that what you have been sensing, feeling and intuiting is absolutely right! 


I've been where you are and felt how you feel now. I bring together my lived experience, decades of training, over 20 years of working 1-2-1 with tens of thousands of women all over the world, my own intuitive, psychic channeling and healing gifts and my deep knowing and energy. All to serve YOU as you emerge into your own personal truth, power and purpose. 

Together we will find the magic in the mess, exploring without any judgement the challenges of shaking loose the old programmed self, tending wounds and unweaving internalised patriarchy that can keep you confused, afraid and exhausted.


Those called to work with me are the soul midwives, living into being a new world, through their own wounds and wisdom and rites of passage. Painting a whole new picture of how they want to live, love and work, free from the outdated pressures imposed on women, the marginalised, those considered 'other'.

My role is to ensure you can blaze on your own terms without burning out, to meet your purpose without abandoning yourself and to thrive without selling your soul.

I want you to know that you are enough just as you are, your presence is precious, your wisdom is valuable, you are capable of making a difference without it costing you your health.

YOU, your gifts, your inner knowing, your fire, your truth, your voice, your messy and magical story is the soul medicine this world desperately needs right now. 

You've got this. And I've got you.

"Kimberley you are a real life spirit guide"
"A Soul Midwife carrying the energy of the Divine Mother"
"Kimberley is a mystical mentor for future Sacred Feminine leaders".
"A wild mix of real, raw, grounded, transparent, honest human and a beautiful Divine channel"


I care about YOU and your wellbeing as you follow your heart and soul, creating a life and/or a business that feels true to you. I have walked ahead of the crowd and that is lonely. I now offer the kind of support I wish I'd had.

I am on your side and I have your back as you walk your own unique path. I help you unweave internalised patriarchy that has had you (and most of us) stuck in people-pleasing, over-giving, giving our power away, keeping quiet and playing small. I help you remember yourSELF, to remember the magic within. To trust and believe in yourself.

I also offer practical guidance and tips from my own experience on transitioning into a soulful business and navigating the longer journey of staying grounded and well as an awake woman in a patriarchal world.

Clients used to travel from all over Europe to see me in person in my busy clinical practice many years ago in an Integrative Medicine centre, now I am delighted I can offer these sessions by phone and voice call anywhere in the world.

I look forward to working with you.

Kimberley 💜

Please note: Kimberley is often booked up months in advance and also regularly takes rest breaks for her wellbeing. Book now to secure a spot. Also join her mailing list and follow Kimberley on social media for latest updates or last minute cancellations that may become available. (See links and sign up form below).

★ ★ ★


60 minutes by voice call.

£111 GBP payable in advance
(no refunds).

1. Email Kimberley via the booking button below with your questions, concerns or intentions for a mentoring session. Share a bit about you and why you want help. 

2. If you feel good to proceed, Kimberley sends you a payment link with the price and currency (£111 gbp) already set up. If you'd like to check the latest exchange rates click here.

You don't need to convert the currency, simply click the payment link that has been set up for you. Payment secures your booking in the next available slot in Kimberley's schedule (or whichever available date suits you best). This is arranged via email with Kimberley.

3. You then arrange the best way to chat. The options are: Phone (UK only. Kimberley calls you); Telegram or Signal (apps you will need to have downloaded to your device prior to the call and to have connected with Kimberley via the app prior to the call to ensure you are all set up).

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions are not recorded. 

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