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Welcome to the Witch Wound Workbook. A 60 page ebook journal already helping thousands of women all over the world begin to let go of the fear of being seen, come out of the spiritual closet, remember their gifts, reclaim their power, and start to really believe in themselves again.


Lovingly created and intuited in sacred ceremony with the Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene and Goddess Hekate this powerful guide book and journal will hold you as you start to explore your own Witch Wound, understand how it might be showing up in your life and how you can start to tend to those tender places in a deep way. 


Designed to be printer-friendly so you can print off a copy, turn off your devices and grab a pen (old school, like me!) and curl up on your bed. You will find potent prompts and sacred practices on every page that lead you further into your inner knowing, power and wisdom and which inspire you to connect with your own deepest truths.


As a trauma-informed mentor, this workbook is designed with in-built regulation moments to ground, center and check in with yourself so you can stay grounded and present as you do this transformational healing work that will begin to shift the witch wound in your ancestral line, in yourself, your relationshops and your whole life.


Please go at your own pace and take your time, you can't rush deep change. I invite you to create a quiet, comfy, sacred and supportive space to explore this beautiful healing work. Maybe snuggle under a blanket, light a candle, turn off your phone and rest into your inner sanctum as you journal and reflect, remembering your true divine feminine nature.


This workbook is a perfect partner to the free Healing the Witch Wound guided mediation which you can sign up for on the HOME page.


60 page downloadable and printable PDF




💜 "WOW....It is clear from this workbook that you not only completely grasp the energy of exactly what lives within so many women, you demonstrate a strength in darkness of what is truly the light of the divine feminine. This is so authentic, it allows me to be authentic, around a darkness that is taboo in so many ways. It lifts the stagnation of the healing process. It makes your soul remember why, and that is how we step into the light. You are truly an inspiration."


💜 "I love the way you present the deep questions with such grace and understanding. You follow with empathy and the exact methods and words needed to release heavy energy attached to what may come up. It's really done so perfectly. I can feel your own wound in it and well as your strength. Your voice is so powerful for this collective shift. You don't feel alone as you take in every question. There's an energy of you, a sisterhood that encourages me to for the first time want to write down the thoughts I have hidden my entire life. You are the spark of the light of the divine feminine. 

Thank You for this"




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