Kimberley Jones is an award-winning writer, activist, mystic and spiritual mentor for awakening women and emerging conscious leaders.

A pioneering expert in spirituality, soul consciousness and mental health, Kimberley is regularly consulted on:

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Spiritual Emergency and Extreme states of consciousness
  • Collective Consciousness and global trends
  • Healing the Feminine Wounds and Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Hygiene and Spiritual Health and Safety for healers, practitioners and teachers
  • Grounding and Embodiment
  • Trauma and Transformation
  • Conscious, Soul-Led, Purposeful Business
  • Spiritual Holistic Activism 
  • The path of Selfhood, Sovereignty and Sacred Union within

Kimberley has trained with hidden spiritual masters and transformational healers, was initiated by a Shaman and studied with Quantum Physicist Dr Amit Goswami as one of his first Quantum Activists.

She is also regarded as an ‘expert by experience’ in awakening and spiritual crisis, having had an extraordinary spiritual emergency following the death of her Mother in 1997. As such she has spoken at international summits with and been published alongside Alberto Villoldo, Lisa Nichols, Dr Judith Orloff, Guy and Katie Hendricks and other inspiring thought leaders of our time.

She was awarded Lighworker of the Year by Lightworker Magazine, voted in the top 50 Women’s Empowerment blogs, voted one of the top influencers in human potential on Twitter and has had her extraordinary journey of awakening featured in several books as well as being the subject of Psychological, Paranormal and Spiritual research worldwide.

Coming from a long line of highly intuitive, clairvoyant and clairsentient women, Kimberley is described as:

“A real life spirit guide” and a “Soul Midwife” for our awakening world.



Some of the publications Kimberley has been featured in include:

‘Experiences from the Light’ edited by Keidi Keating (New Page Books Jan 2015),

‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ by Catherine G Lucas (Findhorn Press July 2011)

‘Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming’ by Clare R Johnson (Llewellyn Publications Nov 2017).

She featured in a BBC documentary with her late Mum about a holistic approach to healing and was a key speaker at The Shades of Awakening Summit alongside Alberto Villoldo PhD.

Kimberley is also an activist and has been involved with UK and international mental health charities, including The Spiritual Crisis Network UK and the International Spiritual Emergence Network, raising awareness of spiritual emergency and the need to stop misdiagnosing and medicating awakening mystics.


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One of the reasons people love working with Kimberley is that not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive but she is warm, wise, down-to-earth, on your side, not sitting on a pedestal and is an ‘expert by experience’, openly and bravely sharing her own personal, imperfect and ongoing ‘Heroine’s Journey’ of healing, embodiment and emergence.


Kimberley is currently…

  • Developing her work as a Sacred Feminine Activist
  • Offering 1-2-1 Tarot and Mentoring Sessions for awakening womxn. See her Tarot Readings page to book a session.
  • She is editing a book about awakening crisis and emergence, based on her own experiences and those of many around the world.
  • Kimberley is also doing private consulting work with global thought leaders, spiritual teachers, conscious publications and organisations.

Contact Kimberley here